The 7th Annual First Boards Awards

The 7th Annual First Boards Awards were announced on April 7th, recognising top commercials talent from around the world. An astonishing three of the five Animators honoured ?√Ñ√¨ including the winner Рwere from Framestore CFC.

The overall winner was Nicklas Andersson, who has been with Framestore CFC’s Commercials 3D team since 2004. Seth Gollub (Framestore NY) came joint third, with Dean Robinson ?‚àö√ë‚àö¬® also with the London Commercials 3D team ?‚àö√ë‚àö¬® placing fifth.

The youthful (he’s only 22) Andersson has wasted no time in making his mark at Framestore CFC, and his work has been seen in spots as varied as Hector’s Life for Renault, Cityside for Dairy Crest, and the Chemical Brothers’ promo for Believe. “Nicklas brings enormous talent, energy and enthusiasm to everything he tackles,” says Andy Boyd, Head of 3D, Commercials, “He’ll do extra versions of a piece, just to see how else it could be done.”

Also 22, Seth Gollub is the youngest member of Framestore NY’s small but highly regarded team. A native New Englander, he’s enjoying his relocation to the Big Apple, and producing astonishingly assured work, such as the smooth-talking Gecko seen in a series of spots for Geico Insurance. Dean Robinson is a venerable 25, and has recently worked on Go Wild, the acclaimed spot for Rexona which features over 300 CG animals.

Boards magazine is based in Canada, with an international slant to its commercials production coverage, and is widely recognised as an industry standard-bearer.

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