C.O.R.E. Goes To The Wild

Side Effects Software applauds C.O.R.E. Feature Animation on their ground-breaking work on Disney The Wild. This CG animated film is the culmination of over three years of creativity and hard work by the production team at C.O.R.E. As partners in production, Side Effects Software had the privilege of working with C.O.R.E. throughout this project, seeing first-hand the high quality of animation as it was being delivered.

‘It wonderful to see The Wild on the big screen.’ says Kim Davidson, President and CEO, Side Effects Software. ‘Working with C.O.R.E. has always been a great experience for us but watching them use Houdini for an all-CG animated film has been especially rewarding.’

For over a decade, C.O.R.E. has been successful working on numerous films and television shows, but The Wild is the studio first animated feature film. In only a few weeks, they had to create a feature film pipeline from the ground up and begin producing shots. As technology partners, Side Effects Software played a key role in the development of this Houdini-based pipeline. From character rigging and animation to lighting, virtually every frame has been touched by Houdini.

Side Effects Software also wants to congratulate its dedicated team of on-site programmers and support staff for providing C.O.R.E. with technical support, custom tools and training solutions when it was needed most. Their dedication helped C.O.R.E. create a pipeline that was the ideal mix of custom tools and off-the-shelf software.

‘We worked together to develop processes that made the pipeline more efficient,’ says Edward Lam, Senior Software Developer, Side Effects Software. ‘We took a proactive approach and solved production challenges before they were encountered.’

As a result of having programmers on-site, Side Effects Software was able to add exciting, new, production-proven features to Houdini such as Digital Assets, Flipbook blocking, Attribute Transfer, UV Pelting, and more.

‘The Houdini community is going to be really excited to see how Houdini is used in this movie,’ says Davidson. ‘Now everyone will get to see how deep Houdini really can go.’

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