Look Effects Expands 3D Department for Southland Tales

Look Effects was awarded the complete visual effects contract for Richard Kelly (DONNIE DARKO, DOMINO) upcoming feature SOUTHLAND TALES. The project is slated for release this fall and stars Sean William Scott, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Sarah Michelle Geller, among others.

SOUTHLAND TALES is one of only 19 films competing for the coveted Palm D’sOr at this year Cannes Film Festival.

Look Effects work on Southland Tales included high dynamic range (HDRI) matte paintings, a photorealistic digital extension of downtown Los Angeles and futuristic vehicles that were seamlessly integrated into present day L.A. Using the HDRI painted images LOOK was able to map the backgrounds within a 3D environment and create full 3D camera moves.

In completing their work on SOUTHLAND TALES, Look created a specific 3D department, acquiring a new mental ray render farm and increasing its rendering capacity by threefold. Additionally, Look built custom 3D workstation to handle specific scripting needs inside Maya and to handle the large data sets of the LIDAR scans of downtown L.A. also increased its 3D department by four fold and has installed Tefft Smith II as its CG supervisor.

‘We are delighted to have been awarded the contract for SOUTHLAND TALES,’ said Mark Driscoll, president and founder of Look Effects. ‘This job allowed us to expand upon our 3D expertise and capabilities. Working creatively with Richard Kelly was a real pleasure.’

‘We are always looking to better serve our clients,’ added Henrik Fett, vfx supervisor at Look Effects. ‘This expansion has enhanced our offerings to both feature and television clients. The innovative work we are currently doing on BONES and SOUTHLAND TALES is testament to how far our 3D division has come.’

Look Effects’s current visual effects clients include BONES (20th Century Fox Television), MALCOLM IN THE MIDDLE (Regency Television) and CRIMINAL MINDS (CBS), as well as upcoming movies THE FOUNTAIN (Warner Brothers) and STICK IT! (Touchstone).

Hollywood-based Look Effects (www.lookfx.com) is a leading provider of digital effects solutions for feature film, entertainment television and commercial projects with its services including digital effects design, supervision and production, 3D animation, including full 3D character animation and compositing services.

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