DAZ Ships Hexagon 2

DAZ Productions Inc., a leading developer of professional quality 3D models and software, today announced the immediate availability of DAZ Hexagon 2, its newly acquired 3D polygonal and subdivision modeling software. The Hexagon 2 modeling software delivers a highly intuitive and augmented set of tools for modeling, refining, UV mapping, texturing and previewing detailed 3D creations. It freehand brush modeling capabilities provide a breadth of displacement brushes to refine 3D models by smoothing, pinching, and inflating the geometry or by adding high-resolution details. A complete UV-mapping module including one-click UV-Unwrap enables 3D artists to easily apply UV-maps on 3D objects. Through the new 3D paint tools, users can apply textures using brushes and imported textures or choose from a large choice of predefined textures. Hexagon 2 now also is compatible with popular graphics tablets for more precise and flexible results. To speed workflow, the software delivers immediate previews of finished models by way of ultra-fast Ambient Occlusion simulating Global Illumination and real-time shadows. Once a 3D model created in Hexagon 2 is ready for rendering, it can be seamlessly exported into most any rendering software application including DAZ powerful and approachable 3D workhorse, Carrara. Hexagon 2 is available for both Macintosh OS X and Windows. In conjunction with the Hexagon 2 release, DAZ has announced a limited time promotion, which ends May 31, 2006, providing the electronic download version (ESD) of Hexagon 2 at the DAZ webstore for the nominal price of US$1.99 for new and current members of DAZ Platinum Club. Initial cost to join the Platinum Club is US$29.95, with a monthly renewal fee of US$7.95. Alternatively, members can choose to join for an entire year with a flat fee of US$99.95. This special offer for Hexagon 2 ends May 31, 2006, after which the software will be priced at US$269 for the full version or US$119 for the upgrade from Hexagon 1. As a thank you to customers who pre-ordered the Hexagon 2 upgrade, DAZ will provide them a free one month Platinum Club membership with an option to renew, a US$30 value, along with a US$100 voucher which can be used on the DAZ store. Physical versions of Hexagon 2 are expected to begin shipping in June 2006. Hexagon 1 was introduced to the 3D industry by Eovia Corporation in spring 2005. Eovia announced Hexagon 2 and its new features just last month. DAZ acquired Eovia Corp. along with the Hexagon and Carrara technology on April 13, 2006. More information about DAZ Hexagon 2 software including a complete feature list can be found on the DAZ website at: www.daz3d.com.

About DAZ Productions Founded in 2000, DAZ Productions Inc., a privately-held company located in Draper, Utah, is a market leader in 3D software and digital content creation. The company model library is renowned for containing high-quality 3D content at the industry most competitive prices. DAZ also develops powerful software applications that support its content, including Bryce, a 3D environment and animation package; Carrara, a leading edge, complete 3D modeling, animation and rendering solution; DAZ|Studio, a free 3D digital art creation tool; Hexagon, a polygonal modeling software for the creation of ready-to-render’s 3D models; and Mimic, a lip-synching application. DAZ products have been used in many professional productions, television shows and print publications such as X-Men 2, Spiderman, Average Joe, 48 Hours, The Wall Street Journal, Popular Science, Scientific American, and the History Channel.

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