Announces INDIGO Project for CG Artists

AlienThink where innovative techniques to conduct thought experiments to enhance creative product germination of next-generation video games, announced its official ‘INDGO’ project for CG Artists.

‘The INDIGO project will be the first extensive Anatomy training program for CG Artists using state-of-the-art teaching technology developed by AlienThink. Using proprietary teaching techniques, Artists will learn at a rapid pace Human Anatomy as a long term skill.

Learning anatomy is the highest challenge for any Artist and struggle to grasp. This will be the first time any company is investing thousands of dollars in such an extensive learning program to give the CG Artist the knowledge of the human body as a mastery skill.

At the helm of this project is Riven Phoenix who has 20 years of Artistic experience in learning and teaching Anatomy from memory. The goal of AlienThink with this massive project is to give CG Artist the tools of the future that will allow the blossoming of original Character Designs in 3D Software. The INDIGO Project will be accessible to all CG Artists using Google streaming technology. AlienThink is an official partner with Google to provide all its proprietary teaching content using Google Video.’

AlienThink innovative next generation instructional products provide game designers the ability to understand new concepts in higher level creative thinking for producing multi-million dollar original products for the entertainment industry. The products expose latest discoveries in neurosciences and cognitive psychology to self help artists on a personal level to advance their skills of designing, thinking, and story telling to produce next generation video games and become leaders in their field. For more information, visit

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