KromA Creates Devilish EFX for Pink’s Stupid Girls

KromA supplied the visual effects magic for Pink hot, new video Stupid Girls, the first release from the tart singer upcoming album I’sm Not Dead. The studio work is on display in several scenes in the video, which takes a jab a celebrity culture through parodies of Jessica Simpson, Lindsay Lohan and super starlets.

For a scene that appears early in the video, KromA created angel and devil versions of Pink that appear on other side of a girl playing the singer as a youth. Profiles of the singer appear in puffs of fire and smoke while hovering in mid-air.

‘The whole video has a campy, over-the-top quality, and that carried through in the effects work,’ explained KromA visual effects supervisor Bert Yukich. ‘We surrounded the characters with 2D fire and smoke elements and created a halo-like reveal that helps to integrate them into the background and gives them a feeling of dimensionality.’

KromA also lent its touch to a sequence based on the infamous Paris Hilton sex tape. ‘The director wanted the video to mimic the Paris tape as closely as possible,’ said KromA visual effects artist Evan. ‘We found a copy of the original video on the web and used it for reference. We copied the look of the grainy black & white imagery and created a graphic overlay duplicating the video camera screen. We also did a lot of subtle beauty work and other touch ups to reproduce the look of the video in exact detail.’

The studio also acted as a kind of campaign manager for Pink in a sequence where she plays a presidential candidate. Artists replaced the blue-screen background from the production shot with a towering backdrop dominated by a huge campaign poster. ‘We pulled the image of Pink from an outtake and layered it over a giant image of the American flag,’ noted Yukich. ‘We then textured the composite to give it the look of a printed poster.’

KromA followed its work on Stupid Girls by crafting visual effects for Pink follow-up video, You and Your Hand. The package included a 3D environment representing a futuristic city and a storybook whose characters spring to life.

Amy Yukich was executive producer for KromA.

KromA is located at 9421 & Pico Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90035. For more information, call (310) 282-0370 or visit

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