Zoic Studios Helps Tropicana Campaign Make A Splash

Consider it a journey into the realm of Orange. The new campaign for Tropicana plunges viewers into the brand’s intensely juicy and delicious experience courtesy of a unique collaboration between agency Element 79 Partners, Order’s Robert Bryant and visual effects company Zoic Studios. Capturing the feeling of an orange unfolding and exploding with a cascade of dancing juice is at the heart of this visually refreshing spot duo.

Bryant, who is known for his ability to make liquid into a virtually living character, came to Zoic Studios with the spot concepts – one that features a dancing fountain of juice and the other that follows a drop on an endless journey into an orange. At Zoic, Bryant worked closely with a team led by Lead Designer Blake Robertson, to previsualize the commercials before the motion control blue screen shoot took place.

Once the juice and oranges had been filmed, Zoic’s effects team went to work uniting the elements in the splashy action sequences determined in the previs stage. “Our goal was to use as many organic elements as possible to really capture the nature of the product and then unite them, choreographed, in 3D space using Flame and After Effects,” says Robertson.

“This was an incredible collaboration,” he adds. “It was great to work with Robert Bryant because he is such a creative person. When discussing the concept, we both could envision the spot and set out to push limits to create something really lush and unique.”

“Tropicana was one of those amazing projects where everyone was so dedicated and intuitively understood what the other was visualizing,” concludes Element 79 Partners Executive Producer Nicky Furno. “It was a pleasure to work with Robert, Order and everyone at Zoic. They all went above and beyond and it truly shows in the spot.”

Spot titles: “Fountain” & “Endless”
Airdate: May 2006

Agency: Element 79 Partners
SVP Group Creative Director: Danny Schuman
ACD/Art Director: Heidi Link
Executive Producers: Cheryl Lindquist & Nicky Furno

Production Company: Order
Director: Robert Bryant
E.P.: Charles Salice
Producer: Julianne Maloney

Visual Effects and Animation: Zoic Studios
Executive Producer: Steve Schofield
Producer: Josh Moss
VFX Supervisor: Rocco Passionino
Lead Designer: Blake Robertson
Flame Artist: Steve Meyer
AfterEffects Artists: Shawn Berry, Renaud Talon, Bob Amaral
Styleframe Artist: Saadi Howell
CG Artist: Dennis Michel
Editor: Dmitri Gueer

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