Brand New Syflex DVD, First Mention Of Siggraph and Poseidon

Digital-Tutors created a great resource for any artist interested in cloth simulation. “Using SyFlex in Maya” DVD provides four hours of project-based training, plus “EZFlex”, a tool developed by Digital-Tutors specifically for SyFlex, which makes simulations easier to setup. Digital-Tutors is offering all current SyFlex customers 15% off “Using SyFlex in Maya”. Simply enter “dtsyflex” to get your discount. Offer is valid until June 10, 2006.

To get a taste of what the DVD is like, don’t miss the two free SyFlex tutorials available on the Digital Tutors site. We added links to them on our tutorials page. For a full outline and pricing information of “Using SyFlex in Maya” visit the product page on Digital-Tutors website

Hungary’s Digic Picture released again an amazing piece of 3D work. Released at E3, and available for viewing here, the trailer for the upcoming game from Namco, “Warhammer: Mark of Chaos”, is another showcase of the exceptional character and story based work of Digic, and, well, the use that they are constantly making of SyFlex

As an early-bird news from SIGGRAPH, let us also mention that Warhammer trailer was selected for the Electronic Theater. It’s not the first time Digic is there, but nevertheless we would like to send our warm congratulations to VFX Supervisor Gabor Marinov and the rest of the team at Digic. If anybody missed their previous work on “Armies of Exigo” do visit our Exigo page. We will have more details on Warhammer in our gallery soon. As for SIGGRAPH, stay tuned for our next news letter…


The Moving Picture Company in London used SyFlex in 20 hero special effects shots they did for Warner Brother’s Poseidon. They also used it for 30 more background characters in additional shots throughout the film.

MPC’s Cloth Lead Claire Pegorier says: “We used SyFlex to make clothes for most of the characters (digital doubles), to animate long hair for women, and to enable dynamic tablecloths and even hose pipes on the Ship.” Go here for the full interview.

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