Award Winning VFX Company Rainmaker, to Rein in London

Rainmaker has established a new facility in the Soho district of London: Rainmaker Animation and Visual Effects UK Ltd. In fact, all the visual effects in the St. Sulpice sequence of THE DA VINCI CODE were completed there. Led by Rainmaker visual effects supervisor Mark Breakspear and visual effects producer Nick Drew, the crew produced the longest visual effects sequence in the film.

Rainmaker Animation & Effects president Warren Franklin stated, “The visual effects industry is a growing, dynamic global business and the U.K. is a very important market. Establishing a facility in London was a natural extension for us as it enables us to offer our clients the high quality, creative service they have come to know from Rainmaker, when and if they are producing films in that market.

“Our exec producer in London, Roma O’Connor, is a highly experienced visual effects executive, who was also a senior producer at Jim Henson’s Creature Shop. She and her team will concentrate on feature and television films and offer cutting edge visual effects combined with ‘user-friendly’s client service. We are also pleased to announce that we have been awarded our second film, BUTTERFLY ON A WHEEL, and visual effects supervisor Adam Gascoyne has been brought on board to supervise.”

The crew’s investigative ability to capture the essence of the St. Sulpice Chapel in Paris, and to translate that effectively to CG, was a key reason Rainmaker UK was awarded THE DA VINCI CODE.

In the Vancouver facility, Rainmaker is currently working on NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM, BLADES OF GLORY and GARFIELD’S A TALE OF TWO KITTIES.

About Rainmaker Ltd
Rainmaker Ltd. Partnership ( is an award-winning visual effects, 3D animation and post-production company with a 27-year history of technical excellence and outstanding service in feature films, television, games and commercials. From its origins in the pioneering west coast post house Gastown Prods., Rainmaker has grown into one of North America’s pre-eminent post-production service providers. Rainmaker’s Vancouver facility continues to provide a wide array of post production services ranging from traditional film developing to the very latest in digital image processing, visual effects and computer generated animation.

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