Aerodrome Exports ‘American Idol’ Packaging To The World

If you think ‘American Idol’ is strictly an American phenomenon, listen up. As the hit show wraps it fifth and highest-rated season yet, the ‘Idol’ sensation rolls on, around the world. The concept that originally captivated the British and swept 35 million Americans off their feet has found impassioned audiences in India, China, Iceland, Croatia, France and 31 other countries, to date.

Aerodrome, the multi-Emmy winning brand design agency commissioned to create high-definition main titles plus promotional and scenic components for ‘American Idol,’ is now working with ‘Idol’ production company 19 Entertainment and Freemantle Media to produce titles and packaging for the ‘Idol’ franchise, worldwide.

‘If ?‚àö√ë‚àö‚â§globalization’s means anything in the entertainment business, Idol is a headliner,’ says Aerodrome creative director, Scott Miller. ‘Who could predict that a twist on the long-forgotten variety hour format would catch fire here, then take Uzbekistan by storm? Only a handful of programs in the history of television have generated global appeal on this level.’

Jill Katz, Aerodrome executive producer adds, ‘It been fascinating to take part in iChat conversations with producers in Germany, Australia, Canada and so many other countries as we work to shape Idol packaging to fit their needs and cultures.’

How long can Idol last? It a question that comes up with each new ‘American Idol’ season. The inflection attached to the question depends on your position in the programming food chain. No matter how you say it, Idol is one big fish.


Scott Miller, Director
Stephen Fitzgerald, Designer/Animator
Andrew Marshall, Associate Designer/Animator
Jason Shulman, Character Animator
Jill Katz, Producer

Ken Warwick, Executive Producer
Nigel Lythgoe, Executive Producer
Wylleen May, Production Executive
Craig Gooder, Post-Production Supervisor

Cecile Frot-Coutaz, Executive Producer
Toby Prosser, Creative Director, Licensing

Hardware/Software Used:

Macintosh multiple G5 2.5 GHZ
Lightwave 7.5 native, Fprime 1.0
Adobe After Effects 6.0
Ultimate Advantage


Based in Los Angeles and founded in l991, Aerodrome is a brand identity services agency that assists entertainment companies with the presentation, promotion and marketing of television programs and networks, worldwide. Aerodrome Pictures, Inc., is located at 1975 DeMille Drive, Los Angeles, CA, 90027, 323-953-6800.

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