Mill Create Bubbles for O2

This campaign focuses more on what your mobile phone can do for you and The Mill have created a beautiful journey for our hero’s bubble as it travels through a world of music, film, sport and games. The Mill animation team lead by Jordi Bares have created a more dynamic and ‘real’ bubble for this new campaign within a surreal world. The 50-second advertisement includes new animation techniques used for the first time in the UK with The Mill creating exciting new visual effects to promote O2’s fresh thinking, innovation and creativity.

Jordi and the animation team have created rippling windows pulsating to the base beat and 3D buildings made out of moving piano keys to represent the music services. We see our bubble involved in a game of tennis ‘pong’ between two buses and exploding into millions of bubbles over a stadium containing a celebrating crowd.

This was a challenging project for the Mill’s animation team. All the bubbles are 3D as are most of the buildings and the team spent time on the reflections on the hero bubble, building/ film strips and the building/ piano keys. The most intricate section is when we are following the bubble overhead and the whole perspective of the piece is switched – the vertical edge of the building below becomes the new horizon of the surreal O2 world.

Click here to view video!

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