Quiet Man Puts The Pepsi Fizz Into Mariah Carey

Visual effects and animation company Quiet Man (www.quietman.com) recently completed work on a new spot for BBDO and client Pepsi featuring pop diva Mariah Carey. The commercial is part of the Pepsi Cool Tones & Motorola Phones promotion in which one in three Pepsi drinkers will win a ring tone featuring music from some of today top artists.

Restaurant takes place in a sleek eatery, where a young couple is enjoying their meal. The man cell phone rings, interrupting their dinner and the energy from a Mariah Carey video – complete with singers, dancers and a motorcycle jump – nearly wrecks the place. The tag line directs viewers to the ‘pepsismash.com’ site, where they can find out more about the promotion.

Quiet Man retouched nearly every frame of the commercial, removing wires from the scenes and adding CGI fireworks to the finale, which also incorporated practical, on-set effects. The studio used a combination of Softimage|XSI, Discreet Flame, and Inferno to pull off the spot, which broke last week.

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