New CG Division at LightBorne

Motion design and production company Lightborne has expanded its offerings with a new CG division, headed by Digital Effects Supervisor David Lombardi. Lombardi, who has worked extensively in commercials, videogames, feature films, episodics and music videos, will be responsible for new business development, maintaining client relations, overseeing all visual effects work and building the CG department. He is currently working on a CG-driven spot for Hasbro Tooth Tunes via ad agency Wonder Group.

“David is an amazing 3D artist,” says Tuesday McGowan, Lightborne Creative Director. “His background in design gives him a unique perspective combined with years of experience in CG technical direction and effects supervision. His contribution to the growth of the Lightborne and our creative capabilities will be invaluable.”

“Lightborne is a very well built company,” comments Lombardi. “They have people who are passionate about the business and are incredibly talented in a range of disciplines. Lightborne’s strengths in the past have been in their creative graphic design. My expertise has been primarily in visual effects. The two can blend together nicely, but having CG capabilities will augment the production here and the palette of tools that we can use on behalf of our clients.”

David Lombardi has been involved in effects work for a wide variety of media. His impressive credits include feature film/trailer work for Sin City, Blade: Trinity, The Terminal, Gothika, Spy Kids 2 and Hulk, the TV shows “Sliders,” “X-Files,” “Star Trek: Voyager,” “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” and “Enterprise,” as well as music videos for notable artists such as Jennifer Lopez, Shania Twain, Ludacris, Mick Jagger and Janet Jackson. In the commercial realm, Lombardi has lent his talent to campaigns for Dodge, Fox Sports, United Airlines, Honda, adidas, Target and Sony.

Most recently, he was a Digital Effects Supervisor/On-Set Supervisor/Senior Artist at The Syndicate/Computer Caf?¬¨¬© where he specialized in commercials and music videos. Lombardi originally studied industrial design in college, but discovered his talent was better suited for the digital realm. After working in videogames, he became a Senior Artist/Digital Effects Supervisor at Digital Muse where he was involved in the Fox TV show “Sliders.” Lombardi was part of the team that worked on episodes for “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” and “Star Trek: Voyager,” which earned Emmy nominations for Outstanding Visual Effects for a Series. He also contributed to the pilot episode of “Enterprise,” which won an Emmy for Outstanding Visual Effects in 2002.

As Digital Effects Supervisor at Lightborne, Lombardi looks forward to working more closely with clients, as well as being involved in the local community.

“Commercials will be my main focus here,” concludes Lombardi. “This is a great market for a company like Lightborne, which is well versed in concepting and executing artistic content, and I want to continue expanding into this area. My immediate goals will be to streamline the project workflow and add technology that is more appropriate for visual effects work. In addition, moving here was a personal choice I made for my family, and I’m looking forward to the quality of life. Lightborne is very much a part of the city and actively participates in arts programs. They are not just dedicated to their business, but to the community as a whole.”

Lightborne is a motion design and production studio made up of a collective of designers, directors, animators, editors, illustrators, sound designers and effects artists whose desire is to practice and advance the discipline of motion design and visual effects. The company’s method involves the exploration of the unseen and untested and its strength is helping clients navigate innovation via its knowledge and experience. Lightborne desires to help clients challenge themselves and their craft, pushing the industry forward into new ways of thinking about design. Its focus is to provide an open environment that is expansive yet critical and share the results of this experimentation with clients and the community.

Lightborne is located at 212 East Fourteenth Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202 Phone 513.721.2272. Fax: 513.721.2310

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