Motion Theory brings a beast to life with “Werewolf” for Lenovo.

To introduce the new Lenovo ThinkPad line, Motion Theory directs a five-spot campaign that highlights the laptops’ superior features with a dramatic mix of live action and effects.

To stand out from the glut of glossy, pristine computer advertising, Ogilvy asked Motion Theory to make the debut of the new Lenovo ThinkPad line menacing and dark, while still clearly conveying the advantages of the industry-leading ThinkPad.

Each of the five spots mixes live-action and visual effects to highlight a key feature: ‘Under Attack’ shows a laptop eaten by viruses, then having a Big Bang-likefull recovery from just the press of a button; ‘Long Life’ mixes variable-rate time lapse and multiple locales to communicate the ThinkPad incredible battery life; ‘Roll cage’ has a literal rollcage emerge from a falling ThinkPad to represent the laptop internal rollcage; ‘Ink’ depicts a tablet ThinkPad forming entirely from the ink leaking from a pen; and finally, the ominous ‘Werewolf’ shows a new take on the old myth, with a widescreen ThinkPad Titanium violently emerging from a smaller ThinkPad.

Watch the video here!

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