Lightborne Creates Magical Graphics For MTV TRL & Fanta Summer Promotion

Motion design collective Lightborne recently contributed animation and graphics to an ambitious 2:30 feature spot for MTV Total Request Live (TRL) and FANTA. The two have teamed up for a summer promotion, “Flavor of the Week,” which highlights the fruity soft drink manufacturer, as well as “flavorful” items – such as newly released DVDs, CDs, electronic gadgets, and trendy clothing — that are being featured as this summer’s must-haves.

In the 2:30 piece, written and directed by MTV Director Soo-Hyun Chung, a young girl comes home from school, but something is seriously amiss. Everything in her world is a boring, bland white from her clothing to the house and its furnishings to the food. The girl and her family even speak in controlled monotone voices and lead boring “white” lives. Upon retiring to her bedroom to do homework, she notices a bright orange FANTA bottle perched on her windowsill. As she grabs it, magic begins to happen. Beautiful, bright-colored bubbles and fruit emanate from the bottle and swirl about the room. Suddenly the Fantanas, a group of four singing women who represent the Fanta flavors of orange, grape, strawberry and pineapple, drop into the scene as if created by the bubbles. After teaching the young girl to say “Fevah!” the Fantanas unleash another barrage of bubbles and fruit and transform her room, outfit and family’s clothing into vibrant color. The spot concludes with the teen directing viewers to the “Flavor of the Week” contest on TRL and

“The overall feel of the spot is humorous, quirky and off kilter,” says Chris Gliebe, Lightborne Creative Director. “A nice departure from a majority of teen marketing programs, which try a little too hard to be hip.”

Due to the spot’s length and complexity Lightborne worked with Director Soo-Hyun Chung to create the boards and design the look and movement of the animated bubbles and fruit. The studio acted as on-set VFX supervisors and handled the edit, compositing, animation, and color correction, as well as the “Flavor of the Week” logotype design and end-tag animations used in all of the spots.

“This was a very difficult job to pull off because of the length of the spot, and the timeline in which it needed to be completed,” concludes Gliebe. “We spent four days in New York collaborating with Soo-Hyun on the set and in an edit session to make this elaborate project into something unique and special. Soo-Hyun was very open to our ideas both on the set and in post, which helped make the job flow seamlessly. The end product was great because everybody was on the same wavelength from the start.”

Lightborne also created :30 cut-down versions of the spot to run throughout the season and :10 “billboards” that run during the TRL show.

Director: Soo-Hyun Chung
Project Producer: Jessica Borovay

Lead Designer: Chris Gliebe
Compositors & Animators:
Dave Irion
Kyle Shoup
David Lombardi
Tim Salikov
Robert Engle
Editors: Jeremiah Shuff & Nate Clark
Post Producer: Molly Donnellon

Audio: John Alters @ What’s the Score Johnny

About Lightborne
Lightborne is a motion design and production studio, which has created cutting-edge and memorable work in commercials, broadcast design, and short films for clients such as MTV, MTV2 and Fuel TV, and music videos for artists including Death Cab for Cutie, The Raconteurs, Atmosphere, Bad Religion and Kenny Chesney. Made up of designers, directors, animators, editors, illustrators, sound designers and effects artists, this collective desires to practice and advance the discipline of motion design. Lightborne thrives on the exploration of the unseen and untested and uses its knowledge and experience to help clients navigate innovation.

Lightborne is located at 212 East Fourteenth Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202
Phone: 513.721.2272. Fax: 513.721.2310

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