Stardust’s Designs Trick-out Scion for ATTIK

Bicoastal creative production company Stardust Studios recently contributed design, animation and visual-effects artistry to global creative agency ATTIK Scion ‘xB Swarm’ :30 cinema/broadcast spot. The ad was creatively combined with another new Scion ad and has run in theaters across the U.S. since May 27, and also debuted as a stand-alone :30 in broadcast and cable outlets on June 5.

The spot was directed by ATTIK co-founder and group creative director Simon Needham.
‘Overall, this campaign illustrates how imaginative Scion owners personalize their vehicles with modifications,’ explained Deborah Senior, Scion’s national marketing and communications manager. ‘In this particular spot, we see that inspiration for the transformation comes from a city scene, following the theme that inspiration can come from anywhere.’

‘For this year brand campaign, we approached companies that we knew would deliver a hybrid look that was unique for each Scion model, but which would also match-up with the other new campaign spots,’ Needham said. ‘Stardust team brought a lot of artistry to our vision of ?‚àö√ë‚àö‚â§Swarm,’s and also worked closely with the team at Hydraulx to ensure that all the design elements flowed seamlessly into the finished spot.’

Led by Banks, executive producer Eileen Doherty, art director Neil Tsai and producer Erin Sullivan, Stardust worked extensively with Needham and his colleagues to nail-down the concept, storyboard the action and produce previs and final animated elements. The team used Maya 7 and 3D Studio Max 8 for graphics, CG cars and environments, and After Effects 7 for compositing.

BAFTA and VES-Award winning animation and visual effects company Hydraulx handled extensive 2D and 3D effects, editorial and finishing on each campaign spot. As Needham indicated, a key to the workflow was integrating design elements with live-action and final CGI models. Commenting on those issues of the project, Eileen Doherty explained, ‘Working with Hydraulx to get their 3D information, and having our fully animated action match up with theirs, required a lot of coordination to ensure everything came together perfectly.’

About Stardust Studios
Stardust is an award-winning creative production company, specializing in motion design, animation, visual effects and live-action production. Led by executive creative director Jake Banks, Stardust Santa Monica and New York offices continually redefine cutting-edge aesthetics for commercial, on-air, music video and in-store presentations. Their recent work ?Äì including projects for the world top ad agencies, brands and recording artists ?Äì has earned numerous awards and worldwide editorial exposure. For more information, please visit or call Eileen Doherty at 310.399.6047.


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