Sony Ericsson & HUSH Create Integrated User Experience

New York-based content creation studio HUSH has once again teamed up with mobile phone manufacturer Sony Ericsson for their recently announced, most advanced WalkmanTM phone, the W995.

HUSH was at the center of every aspect of the project, from writing the concept and story, to establishing the visual tone, and executing the spot airing on every Walkman W995 phone. Additional mobile content like video ring tones, sounds, wallpaper graphics and screensavers were carefully interwoven by HUSH’s expert team of designers and developers to create a sense of cohesiveness within the overall branding campaign.

“It is important to Sony Ericsson to deliver an energized user experience to the consumer with each phone and with W995 we have created a phone with a multitude of applications and features and our close cooperation with HUSH has created an integrated campaign,” says Johan Bornhager, Content Planner at Sony Ericsson.

HUSH will roll out a vivid character-based spot to spearhead the campaign, which offers a twisted take on the break-dancing film genre. Animated characters from two “crews” engage in a dance-off that goes haywire. Irreverent. Humorous. Youthful. Music-driven.

“The most important part of the campaign was to create an imaginative and unexpected thematic message that could be expressed in both the spot and the phone itself,” expressed HUSH Co-Founder/ Creative Director David Schwarz. “We have incredible creative talent on our team, and we produced an overall campaign that was distinctly cutting edge while honoring the legacy of the Sony Ericsson brand.”

A final component of the W995 launch will be an online feature, which HUSH will be instrumental in executing and seeding in collaboration with Sony Ericsson.

“This project was an incredible opportunity for us to showcase our exciting roster of talent in one integrated project,” said HUSH Executive Producer Casey Steele. “As we establish the studio as a one-stop go-to shop capable of handling complex, multifaceted branding campaigns, it’s important that we continue to work with respected brands such as Sony Ericsson.”

About HUSH:
HUSH is a New York-based content creation studio led by Co-Founders/Creative Directors Erik Karasyk, David Schwarz and Executive Producer Casey Steele. HUSH develops powerful brand-driven stories, award-winning design, animation, and interactive content for TV commercials, music videos, broadcast, and integrated campaigns. With over a decade of ideation and execution experience, HUSH pushes creative limits to build brand awareness and audience loyalty.

The Creds:
Design/Production Company: HUSH
Creative Director(s): David Schwarz, Erik Karasyk
Executive Producer: Casey Steele
Art Director: Laura Alejo
Design: Laura Alejo, Jerry Liu
Producer: Mei-Ling Wong
Production Assistant: Melissa Chow
3D Animation: Joey Parks, Scott Denton, Steve Talkowski
2D Animation: Salih Abdul-Karim, Jay Cohen
Editor: Amilcar Gomes

Sound Design / Score: Antfood
Composers: Wilson Brown, Polly Hall
Executive Producer: Sean McGovern

Motion Capture Studio: Perspective Studios (NY)

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