Disney Animation’s Online Submission Portal

Disney Animation (DA) breaks new ground connecting talent to animation opportunities with its first-ever online artistic submission portal. Artists may submit their demo reels and/or portfolios www.DisneyMouseLink.com, the company says is a secure web-based upload system that is convenient and progressive.

DisneyMouseLink.com was developed in-house and allows interested applicants to submit their resumes, demo reels, and/or portfolios. This portal is an industry first that will allow greater connectivity to the artistic community.

Interested applicants can go to www.DisneyMouseLink.com and create an account using a valid email address. A required submission form is then downloaded, signed and returned to DA. Upon receipt, a username and password will then be provided via email. Work history, skill sets and software application precedes the upload window. The upload system accepts .jpg, .pdf, and .mov file formats in one convenient transaction.

Creating DisneyMouseLink.com is a great service for everyone, Dawn Rivera-Ernster, director of animation resources for DA. It allows artists to submit reels and portfolios whenever it is convenient for them 24/7 with a quick and convenient process. It eliminates the need for special packaging or a trip to a mail service. For DA it allows us immediate access to the incredible global talent pool, It eliminates the handling of physical portfolios thereby protecting and preserving the artist’s work. It does not negate the need for a high-res portfolio and or reel, however. As candidates are called in for an interview, the original reels and portfolios may be needed for further review.


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