Mill NY Recall Youth for Killers

Sin City rock band, The Killers, recently released the video “When You Were Young”, the debut single off their new album, “Sam’s Town”. Hot off their recent collaboration for two Rihanna videos, Mill New York Colorist Tom Poole, Box Fresh Director Anthony Mandler and DP Max Goldman once again joined up for the emotional piece.

Anthony shot the video on Super 16 reversal film to obtain a vintage, yet stylized look. In discussing the feel of the film, Antony referenced the coarse and grainy cinematography of Alejandro Gonzalez Innarritu’s Amores Perros, which like the video was shot in a backdrop of Mexico’s gritty landscape. Tom used this reference to achieve a dirty/ pretty grade. The team worked for two days in telecine due to the large amount of footage shot.

The video follows the downfall of a love between a man and woman. Anthony stylishly composed the piece to unfold backwards. The video begins with the deterioration of their marriage, followed by the betrayal, then the wedding, the courtship and ending with the initial meeting.

The drama is intertwined with shots of The Killers in an undisclosed location. It is later unveiled that they have been the house band in the bar where the couple first meet.

The video is seen as almost more than a music video, almost like a short film. Anthony made sure to cast actors that had an authentic native appearance and chose to shoot on location in Mexico for an accurate depiction.

This album is being seen as a departure from their sound on their first album, with a clear American rock and folk inspiration. The video is a lead-up to the album, which releases on October 3rd.

Watch The Video Here!

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