Encore Hollywood Posts “Classic” Meat Loaf Video

Encore Hollywood provided post production services to Virgin Records for It’s All Coming Back to Me Now, the first music video release from the new Meat Loaf album Bat Out of Hell III. Colorist Arnold Ramm set the final look for the video, directed by Anonymous Content’s PR Brown, a lavishly-produced epic in which the singer wanders through an empty mansion, followed by the ghostly presence of a beautiful woman.

Color plays a prominent role in the video as it is used to distinguish between scenes involving Meat Loaf and the ghost, and flashback sequences that refer back to a time when the woman was alive. “There were two distinct looks,” said Ramm “The Meat Loaf sequences have a classic 40s look. It’s almost black & white, but with a cool, bluish atmosphere. The art direction is huge, the house is amazing?‚àö√ë‚àö√Üit’s beautiful.”

To achieve that look, Ramm, working from 35mm negative, drained the color from the film and applied a silver highlight. He then added back a hint of the scenes’ original color. “The color came in underneath the silver hue,” Ramm said. “As a result you could see the ghost’s lipstick and a bit of her skin town.”

For the flashback sequences, Ramm aimed for a look that evoked 1920s. “Again, we took all the color out of the film, but in this instance, we then went toward a candle light,” he said. “It’s a pale, distant yellow?‚àö√ë‚àö√Üas if the scene was being illuminated by a distant fire.”

Ramm separately transferred visual effects elements including images of the ghost-woman that were shot against green screen. He completed the transfer on a Spirit Datacine and used a Da Vinci 2K color corrector to set color levels.

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