X1FX Complete 120 Effects for Janet Jacksons “So Excited”

X1FX, a leading visual effects design and production company specializing in FX for feature films, TV commercials and music videos, has completed over 120 visual effects for the just released ‘So Excited’ music video from Janet Jackson. The announcement was made today by X1FX co-founders Mark Larranaga, Visual Effects Supervisor, and Edy Enriquez, Executive Producer.

In addition, Larranaga and Enriquez also announced the expansion of their company into a new, 5,000 square foot facility in Culver City. The new facility features five new High Def ready suites with flat screens, running Discreet Logic Flame on Tezro. The ambience at the new site is “gallery inspired, set within a client-friendly, modern and sleek environment,” according to Larranaga and Enriquez.

For the ‘So Excited’ music video, X1FX worked with director Joseph Kahn and producer MaryAnn Tanedo, working in conjunction with H.S.I. Productions, for Virgin Records. Kahn said, “For this project, I needed the right talent and technology to achieve a new visual effect never before seen in a dance video. X1FX accomplished my x-ray camera effect impressively, under an impossible time crunch as well. They are one of the few houses that respond to a difficult director challenge with not one shred of doubt, only enthusiasm and complete commitment.’

Added Tanedo, ‘This was a really crazy project, and the guys at X1FX were amazing. Everything had to come together very quickly, and, at one point, we worked together for 24 straight hours. They were truly great to work with!”

Said Enriquez, “Joseph Kahn is one of my favorite directors. He is constantly pushing the boundaries of visual effects, which in turn motivates and inspires our artists. The ‘So Excited’ project was nuts! We literally had less than five days to deliver over a hundred shots.”

In the ‘So Excited’ music video, Janet Jackson and others dance in a subway station setting. X1FX provided the character animations and 3D clothing for several cloth simulation sequences. Says Larranaga, ‘Due to a last minute set
location change, we had to generate CG ceilings for the subway station. Our CG Supervisors John Mitchell and Don Libby created cloth simulations for Janet and her dancers, with clothing appearing and re-appearing, which had to match their movements while dancing. The textures of these cloth simulations had to be dead on, in order to trick the eye of the viewer.’

Larranaga adds, ‘Compositing was another key factor in creating the seamlessness for all the clothing. Joseph Kahn provocative concept has brought a great deal of attention to Janet newest video, and the response has been tremendous so far, especially on the Internet.’

X1FX Visual Effects Team behind the ‘So Excited’ music video included:

Mark Larranaga, Visual Effects Supervisor
Edy Enriquez, VFX Executive Producer
Antoinette Perez, VFX Producer
John Mitchell, CG Supervisor
Don Libby, CG Lead
John Lopez- 3D generalist
Kei Yamada- 3D generalist
Koki- Dynamics Artist (cloth)
Bill Higgins ?Äì Flame artist
Mark Loso ?Äì Flame Artist
Anita Razzano – Flame Artist
Ceaser Romero ?Äì Flame Artist
Brian White ?Äì CG Car

For this project, the Hardware and Software utilized were:

Autodesk Flame
Autodesk Combustion
Autodesk Maya 7.0
After Effects
HDR Shop
Syflex (cloth Sym)

Co-founded in 2003 by Mark Larranaga, Visual Effects Supervisor, and Edy Enriquez, Executive Producer, X1FX is a leading visual effects design and production company specializing in providing unique and compelling FX to feature films, TV commercials, and music videos. The company is located in a new, 5,000 square foot facility in Culver City, CA.

Since its founding, X1FX has contributed FX to such hit films as ‘The Chronicles of Narnia,’ ‘Spiderman 2,’ ‘Van Helsing’ and ‘Ladder 49.’ The company music video projects have included those featuring such superstars as Britney Spears, Will Smith, Janet Jackson, Kelly Clarkson, Ashlee Simpson, Jamie Foxx and The Backstreet Boys. TV commercials to which X1FX has contributed include those for NASCAR, Burger King, and the NFL, to name a few.


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