Award-Winning VFX Supervisor Jim Lima joins Zoic Studios

Citing a shared desire to push the limits of visual effects storytelling, Visual Effects Supervisor Jim Lima has joined the team at Zoic Studios. Lima is known for a unique approach to visual effects that combines art direction and visual effects to create innovative visual storytelling.

‘Perhaps the most important job a visual effects supervisor does is to help writers and directors realize their vision in art. Jim is that perfect artisan who not only can talk our creative partners through the process, but uses all mediums to conceptualize an idea from the page to the screen,’ says Zoic Co Founder/ Creative Director Loni Peristere. ‘He is a true visionary and we are happy to know him and even happier to be partnering with him on our current slate of projects.’

Longtime friend of Zoic Creative Director Andrew Orloff, Lima was formally introduced to Zoic Studios when Lima hired the company for visual effects for the pilot of the hit series ‘House’ directed by Bryan Singer. There, he discovered a shared working methodology, which places storytelling above all and places art before technology.

‘Everyone at Zoic demonstrates the will to push the medium in a fearless way and this, coupled with the commitment to create feature level effects for television, makes it an incredibly exciting place,’ comments Lima.

Lima began his film career as the Visual Effects Art Director on the blockbuster film ‘Total Recall.’ Steven Spielberg gave him his break into Visual Effects Supervising on the groundbreaking NBC series ‘Seaquest DSV,’ the first TV series to use computer graphics exclusively for the visual effects.

In feature films he designed and supervised the visual effects on ‘Strange Days’ for James Cameron, as well as ‘Space Jam’ for Ivan Reitman and Joe Pytka. Lima returned to television to work for Steven Spielberg on the critically acclaimed NBC series ‘The Others,’ where he simultaneously tackled the roles of Production Designer, Visual Effects Supervisor and 2nd Unit Director. Lima also worked for Steven Spielberg as a Co-Producer and Visual Effects Supervisor on the Emmy award winning hit mini-series ‘Taken.’ He has extensive experience in commercials as a Conceptual Artist and Visual Effects Supervisor and has worked on over 40 commercials for such directors as Joe Pytka, Tony Scott, and the late Herb Ritts.

As a Conceptual Artist, his work can be seen in such blockbusters as ‘Days Of Thunder,’ ‘True Romance,’ ‘Starship Troopers,’ ‘The Mummy,’ and the mega hit ‘Spider-Man,’ for which he designed the Green Goblin.

‘From Spielberg I learned to be bold,’ explains Lima, ‘while Cameron taught me to start with design and use the rules and logic of the basic concept to explore new approaches. I apply these ideals to all projects, whether features, episodic television or commercials.’

About Zoic Studios:
Zoic Studios is a leader in producing visual effects and CG animation for commercials, feature films and episodic television. The company credits include the Joss Whedon-directed feature film Serenity, Judd Apatow Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, and the upcoming Marcus Nispel Viking epic Pathfinder. The company creativity can be viewed in such episodics as ‘CSI: Miami,’ ’24.’ Blade’ and ‘Eureka’ as well as in commercials for Mini Cooper, HP, VW, Slim Jim, Xbox and Playstation2. Built on a foundation that allows maximum flexibility and creative product for its clients, Zoic Studios continues to focus on its own visual evolution.

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