Work In Progress – Industrial Light & Magic

For those of you who never saw it you have to check out this Blast from the Past! “Work In Progress” is a really cool short 3d animated film from ILM about 3 people who make creatures in a fantasy world.

They work togeather as a team and without one of them nothing can happen, but its the girl who has the power of imagination and makes the normal something special. This short was first released at Siggraph 2003, was later taken down from the web, and is now back up online!

The characters in the short are never named but there are three:

The idea man: he comes up with the plan and the idea
The mechanic: he builds what the idea man dreams up
The girl: You have to check the short movie out to see what she adds and what she does!

Watch the movie on ILM’s site a the following link:

… if you never saw it before its great stuff, wonderfully done!

Industrial Light & Magic

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