BUF Ariston “Aqualtis”

Take a look at the latest commercial by studio BUF. The Ariston “Aqualtis” will blow you away, its probably one of the most innovative commercials to hit the TV circuit this year! Directed by Dario Piana and produced by Film Master!

Since the mid-eighties, BUF has been regarded as one of the most innovative visual effects companies in the world. The quality and originality of our work has earned us numerous awards. This level of achievement is obtained by going through preliminary stages of research and tools development. Our Research And Development department is in charge of designing and upgrading BUF’s special tools.

ne of BUF’s main credentials was to pioneer “camera mapping” and “stereo modelling” techniques. The “bullet time” effect created for Matrix was directly inspired by the research carried out by BUF while working on Michel Gondry’s “Like A Rolling Stone” music video in 1996.

UF is now one of the leading VFX companies in Europe, and is regularly involved in American feature film projects. Our Los Angeles office provides an easy and direct contact with our partners there.

BUF’s workforce now amounts to nearly 200 people, and our facility is equiped with more than a thousand processors. We are able to manage several-hundred-shot VFX projects, and to run full-fledged CGI characters animation projects.

Be it for commercials, feature films or CGI characters animation, BUF’s reputation originates in our reliability and technical know-how.

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Research & Development
Since the mid-eighties, BUF has been known as one of the most innovative companies in the digital effects market. The quality and originality of our work has earned us numerous awards. In order to achieve this quality and keep it a step ahead of the competition, BUF developed since the beginnings its own proprietary tools. Our research and development team, composed of engineers from the most reputable universities and engineer schools, works to achieve this goal : building and improving the tools to make and ease the creation of future special effects.

For more information see the BUF website at www.buf.fr

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