BWN And GASKET STUDIOS Unveil New Home In Downtown Minneapolis

Former sister companies BWN and GASKET STUDIOS have taken their respective entities to the next level, establishing an innovative new 5,000 square foot environment with a fluid floor plan that emphasizes collaboration and creativity. As clients enter the space, their ultimate destination is designated by color scheme, with a shared lounge, lobby and kitchen as the hub of both companies. Sweeping views of the Western skyline are just one of the signature elements that make the new location prized by staff and visitors alike.

‘The development of this shared space came out of a combination of opportunity and a sense of community,’ explains BWN Co-Founder/Composer Ken Brahmstedt. ‘We enjoyed working in close proximity while under the HI-WIRE banner so we decided to keep that intact. We have the best of both worlds ?‚àö√ë‚àö¬® independent businesses with connected space ?‚àö√ë‚àö¬® in the heart of downtown.’

‘We immediately feel for the vibe here and appreciate being close to our advertising clients like Carmichael Lynch, Fallon, Martin Williams, BBDO and Campbell Mithun,’ adds GASKET STUDIOS Founder/Creative Director Greg Shultz. ‘Our building is connected to the Skyway system — we call it the habitrail — which is handy in the February deep freeze. The new light rail system is also right outside our building, which is great for out-of-town clients because it connects directly to the Minneapolis airport. But most important is the feeling of collaboration that this design exudes. It very unique and we love it.’

GASKET STUDIOS is a design, visual effects and animation company that serves the commercial, interactive, music video and feature film markets. Launched by digital artist Greg Shultz GASKET STUDIOS is comprised of a diverse group of artisans with talents ranging from cel animation to painting to video game design. In signature automotive grey, GASKET STUDIOS’s new space includes suites where creativity and technology align to help bring clients’s visions to life.

Music and sound company Brahmstedt White Noise formed in 2002 by Carl White and Ken Brahmstedt. BWN has since grown to become a premiere music, sound, and audio house in Minneapolis, with a growing presence in Los Angeles. Its primary mission has always been to provide music and sound design services for advertisers and broadcasters, as well as filmmakers and corporate clients. BWN is part of a creative collective The Noises, which combines the talent of BWN with that of Richmond music company ShockoeNoise.

Awash in shades of purple and maroon, The BWN area includes three fully stocked studios — Suite A boasts a myriad of instruments, a large projection screen, surround sound and doubles as a large recording room for making music and organic sound effects, while Suites B and C can tap into it for traditional live room recording via remote camera technology. A suite glows from the large hi-def video projection and suites B and C are bathed in sunlight from large windows that offer sweeping views of downtown. BWN also includes a producer office and a very large recording booth situated between the B and C suites.

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