Blind and Zoic Studios bring XBOX 360 to life!

XBOX 360 fully engages players in a gaming experience that is expansive and dramatic — where the possibilities are limitless and the imagination knows no boundaries. This is asserted on the company’s website and expressively and beautifully reaffirmed in a new three spot campaign, created in a partnership between creative production company Blind and visual effects entity Zoic Studios. The campaign, which was directed by Blind and executed for McCann Worldgroup, is an animated window into the virtual world of XBOX, where game titles, consoles and the players come together in unique and powerful ways.

Working with concepts from the agency, Blind collaborated with the agency’s creative team on the narrative and stories for each spot. Concept drawings and storyboards were brought to Zoic to undergo the transformation into fully animated 3D renderings. In the inaugural spot, aptly titled “Come Together,” the commercial opens on a vast expanse of XBOX 360 titles. Slowly, each box begins to vibrate and then is quickly sucked away as if pulled by an unseen gravitational force. Throughout the spot we follow the flight of thousands of boxes to the center of this force…a towering photorealistic XBOX 360 game console that is being created piece by game box piece. XBOX 360 the spot titles announce: The Next Generation is over a hundred high-def games. The Next Generation is Now.

“Blind’s Director Tom (Koh) is incredibly talented. He has a distinct vision for the project and a vast experience in 3D, so this made our communication and the collaboration process really enjoyable,” says Zoic CG Supervisor Lochlon Johnston. “Our challenge, in addition to the overall creation of the CG, was to anthropomorphize the boxes so that they appeared to have independent personalities. This is one of those rare jobs that allow for quite a bit of experimentation, which is why I feel everyone had such a great time working on the project.”

The other spots that will follow suit are animated scenarios that exude the playful, fanciful and utterly XBOX nature of this incredible campaign.

“We are excited by the opportunity to contribute to such a compelling campaign,” notes Johnston. “And look forward to the response as each is unveiled.”

“Moving forward with the XBOX 360 campaign, we looked for a company that had the right amount of muscle to bring our vision to life.” says Tom Koh, director from Blind. “The spots I wanted to portray required so much attention to detail it was critical to find a company we could have that confidence in. Zoic performed exceptionally in all facets of such a challenging job.”

Executive Creative Directors: Rob Bagot & John McNeil Creative Directors: Scott Duchon & Geoff Edwards Creative Director: Geoff Edwards Associate Creative Director: Tim Wolfe Art Director: Nate Able
CW: Mat Bunnell
Senior Producer: Annie Uzdavinis

Director/Creaive Director: Tom Koh
Executive Producer: Santino Sladavic
Producer: Jody MacKinnon
Production Coordinator: Dana Molter
Editor: Chris Halmo
Storyboard Artist: Delfino Gamboa
Storyboard Artist: Elizabeth Columba
Storyboard Artist: John McKey
Storyboard Artist: Todd Harris
Concept Artist: Nick Berry


Visual Effects Supervisor: Lochlon Johnston
Producer: Leighton Greer
Production Coordinator: Maya Sanchez
Executive Producer: Steve Schofield
Creative Director: Chris Jones
CG Artist: Terry Shigemitsu
CG Artist/Technical Supervisor: Dann Tarmy CG Artist: Dan Santoni CG Animator: Franz Vidal Model Supervisor: Jonathan Feldman
Modeler: Kathryn Capri
Modeler: Moriba Duncan
CG Animator: Joe Jones
CG Artist: Tim Petre
CG Artist: Andrea Paolino
Compositor: Sean Apple
Compositor: Lane Jolly
Flame Artist: John Shirley

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