The Mill Dances to the New Intel Processor Tune!

The Mill and production company Pagan have recently completed a series of three stylish new 30-second commercials for Intel entitled ‘Creativity’, ‘Intensity’ and ‘Productivity’ for McCann Erickson New York. The commercials were directed by Vaughn Arnell and produced by Adam Saward and feature dancers being used as an analogy to show multiplication in a abstract funky dance form.

The concept behind the spot is to convey what the new Intel Core Dual Processor is capable of. The commercial portrays how the processor is able to multiply its function within a PC to allow users to work at double the speed. The creative idea of dancers conveying the multiplication process through choreography proves to be effective at getting the message across in a contemporary way.

In order to create the effects for the brief, The Mill used the motion control passes that were shot and then layered the dancers on top of each other in Autodesk Flame in HD. Barnsley was the talented compositing artist behind the subtle effects. All the digital backgrounds, lighting and reflections were all created by the Mill 3D team and all the animation was created to the beat of the music.

The Mill 3D Producer, Miles Pettit and his team modelled an entire set and produced technological textures that were projected into the set and composited using Flame. The CG team also wrote the complicated codes that actually animated the textures. They also wrote the codes for the title squares in sync with the music. Mill 3D were also responsible for replicating the chip.

Finally all the films were master-graded by Paul Harrison in Telecine to create the seamless finished look.

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