Phoenix Completes Spots for “Sonic The Hedgehog”

Phoenix Editorial and Designs, just completed two new spots for ad agency Duncan/Channon. “Boom,” directed by John Perez of production company Notorious 24:7, promotes the new “Sonic The Hedgehog” title from Sega for PS3 and the Xbox 360. Director Jordan Brady from prodco Uber Content helmed the ad “Sensei,” which introduces the Ubisoft title “Red Steele” for the new Nintendo console Wii. Both spots broke nationally this month.

In addition to editing from Bob Frisk, Phoenix contributed substantial visual effects work on both spots. The ad “Boom,” which was posted in 1080i HD, had effects director Matt Silverman compositing cloud tank footage with practical foregrounds to create a menacing force of nature rolling across a sleepy farm town. In “Sensei,” online editor John Crossley performed extensive rig and wire removal, as well as transitional effects on the Sensei character.

“Boom” features beautiful cinematography of a placid countryside just as a foreboding force of nature blows in. The shots are edited to build up anticipation for this extraordinary event. A weathervane twirls atop a barn, a dog perks up his ears, laundry sways on the line and a farmer looks up from tending the field to see a white blast careening across the sky, just as a male v/o says, “They don’t call it a Sonic Boom for nothing.” The closing shots show game footage, and finally, a field with a crop circle of the recognizable Sonic The Hedgehog logo, being carved out by Sonic himself.

In “Sensei,” a young man engaging in the swordplay adventure game “Red Steele” calls upon his master for guidance. Suddenly, a white-haired, bearded man in a long, flowing robe materializes. Shot in a retro chop-suey style, with lots of dramatic zoom-ins, the master floats towards the young man. He instructs his young prot?¬¨¬©g?¬¨¬© on how to wield the wand-like Wii controller, which operates the swords and guns in this first-person shooter game.

Both spots were offline edited on an Avid Media Composer. Visual effects were produced in Autodesk Smoke and Adobe AfterEffects, and finished in Smoke. Phoenix Editorial & Designs also recently completed editorial on a TV commercial for the EA Games title “Need for Speed: Carbon” via ad agency HEAT.

About Phoenix Editorial & Designs
Phoenix has been a mainstay in the San Francisco creative post-production community since 1991. With a roster of award winning editors, graphic designers and effects artists, Phoenix works with creative-driven advertising agencies including Venables, Bell & Partners, Goodby Silverstein & Partners, Publicis & Hal Riney, Heat (formerly Black Rocket), Duncan/Channon, and McCann. The company produces spots and HD motion graphics packages for Apple, Microsoft, Sony, Intel, Yahoo, PG&E, Disney, McDonald’s, Palm, Toyota, Hewlett Packard, Comcast and the Got Milk campaign. In August 2005, the company moved into a new state-of-the-art HD facility located on the lush grounds of Sydney Walton Park in downtown San Francisco.


Client: Sega
Product: Sonic XBox 360
Title(s): Boom :30
Airdate: 11/9/06

Company: Notorious 24:7
Director: John Perez
DP: John Perez
Exec. Producer: Neale Ferguson
Line Producer: Laura Morris
Location: Half Moon Bay, CA

Agency: Duncan / Channon, San Francisco
Exec. CD: Parker Channon
AD: Ken Hall
Copywriter: John Munyan
Producer: LauraLe Wunsch

Edit House: Phoenix Editorial
Editor: Bob Frisk
Online Editor: John Crossley
Exec. Producer: Jonathan Hinman

Telecine House: Co3, Los Angeles
Colorist: Steve Rodriguez

Effects House: Phoenix Designs
Artist(s): Matt Silverman & John Crossley
Graphic Designer: Matt Silverman
Executive Producer: Jonathan Hinman

Sound Designer: Steve Bissingerv
Mixer: Mark Pitchford @ M Squared, San Francisco

Client: Ubisoft
Product: Red Steele
Title: “Sensei” :30
Airdate: 11/11/06

Company: Uber Content
Director: Jordan Brady
Executive Producer: Preston Lee
DP: Mateo Londono

Agency: Duncan/Channon
ECD, Copywriter: Parker Channon
CD, Art Director: Anne Elisco-Lemme
Broadcast Producer: LauraLe Wunsch

Edit House: Phoenix Editorial
Editor: Bob Frisk
Online Editor: John Crossley
Executive Producer: Jonathan Hinman

Effects House: Phoenix Designs
Artist(s): John Crossley
Executive Producer: Jonathan Hinman

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