The Mill Trots Through History with Hovis

The Mill and MCBD have created a new historical commercial for Hovis; directed by the award-winning director Ringan Ledwidge. The commercial which celebrates more than a century of historical events aired for the first time during a Coronation Street ad break in September 2008. As it travels through time following bakers in the 1890’s, the 1953 Coronation, the 1984 miners’ strike and ending with the millennium firework display in 2000.


Mill Lead Flame, Andrew Wood (Barnes) said: ‘This was a hugely enjoyable project to work on and we are really pleased with the finished film. The brief was to make it feel like no VFX had been used. From simple shots like removing yellow lines, PVC windows and satellite dishes through to removing whole modern buildings, adding to the numbers of the striking miners and suffragettes, through to adding Concorde footage, creating a CG spitfire to adding a colliery’.

He added: ‘The main VFX work was re-creating the Millennium Eve firework display.’

Mill colourist Mick Vincent who graded Hovis in the Baselight: ‘The grade for Hovis was all about keeping the look without being over worked. I had to make sure everything matched and progressed in time’.


The Mill is proud to have completed this epic commercial for the country most famous bakers who have been an integral part of British life for over 120 years.


Product: Hovis
Title: Go on Lad
Agency: MCBD
Creative Director: Danny Brooke-Taylor
Creatives: Danny Hunt & Gavin Torrance
Producer: Lorraine Geoghegan
Production Company: Rattling Stick
Director: Ringan Ledwidge
DOP: Alwin Kuchler
Producer: Sally Humphries
Editing Company: Work
Editor: Richard Orrick
Post Production: The Mill
Producer: Gemma Smith
Telecine: Mick Vincent
Lead Flame: Barnsley
Flame: Gary Driver
3D: James Sindle

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