Tiger Reigns as a CoolBrand in the United Kingdom

CoolBrands, an initiative by Superbrands (an independent authority and arbiter on branding), has grown to become the key barometer of the United Kingdom ( UK) coolest brands, people and places. And Tiger beer, among 1,200 brands, has once again been accorded this distinction!

For the third year in a row, Tiger was affirmed by the independent and voluntary CoolBrands Council which consists of eminent individuals and opinion leaders in the UK to select the coolest brands in the nation. This recognition validates that Tiger is extremely desirable among the style leaders and influencers in the UK; and for the first time, the CoolBrands selection process took into consideration the votes of over 1,700 British. The increased rigour behind the selection process is to reflect the importance of today savvy consumers who are taking an active interest in the brands they consume and depend upon in their everyday life.

The following 75 second TV advertisement was used to promote Tiger Beer this year in New Zealand, featuring a man who enters several phases of incarnation. It opens with a Chinese man arriving in a caity on the back of a duck truck.

It then cuts to a bird’s eye view (literally!) of a outdoor Tiger Beer billboard, and as the bird fails to get the beer he is re-born as a fish in a restaurant fish tank who tries to escape to get to the beers the people around him are drinking.

Our reincarnated spirit then goes through another transformations as a cat before finally ending up in a mans body, standing in front of a bar with a beer walking by! Little does he know that a panda has been going through the same journey, giving the advertisement the tag line, “Taste It In This Life”

Production Information

Official Website: http://tigerbeer.co.nz/tasteitinthislife/

The Tiger Beer “In This Life” was developed by Saatchi & Saatci, New Zealand
Executive creative director Mike O’sSullivan
Creative director Toby Talbot
Art directors Andy DiLallo, Jay Benjamin and Cameron Harris
Writers Jay Benjamin, Andy DiLallo, Cameron Harris, Tom Hazeldine.

Filming director Jesse Warn at Film Construction
Producer Jack Sainte-Rose.

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