Shilo deals Blackjack for Cingular!

Take a look at Shilo’s latest advertisement for Cingular. One seamless take of highly stylized realism portrays a series of fans, cuts, flips, and flourishes that build to a crescendo of the myriad of devices that make up the stylish and compact Blackjack.

In this advertisement Shilo does an amazing job at putting Samsung’s all-in-one handheld in a totally new perspective. In addition to directing the spot, the team at Shilo were responsible for all design, animation & editorial work. Cut as a single uninteruppted 30 second take, “BlackJack Flourish” has just hit the air. If you haven’t seen it on TV yet then take a look at the link below.

About Shilo:
Shilo is a collective of designers, animators and directors who share a common passion in forging new perspectives in storytelling through design and visual effects driven production. Shilo strives to not only push the boundaries of contemporary motion graphics and direction, but also to strike a nerve in an ever-numbing audience. The studio endeavors to create projects with boundless emotional impact by seamlessly combining live-action, 3D-CGI, classic typography and illustration with music and sound design. In September of 2005, the studio won an Emmy¬¨¬®‚àö√ú Award for Outstanding Achievement in Main Title Design for Showtime dramatic series ‘HUFF.’

Shilo has offices in New York and San Diego. For more information or to request a reel contact Tracy Chandler at Tel. 212-352-2044 or visit Shilo online at

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