Zoic Studios Creates Stunning Effects For California’s Lottery

The new spots for California’s Mega Millions Lottery beautifully illustrate the line, “imagine what a buck can do.” Directed by Malcolm Venville of Anonymous Content for agency BBDO West, the campaign is comprised of two visually striking spots that were edited by Hank Corwin of Lost Planet and feature visual effects by Zoic Studios.

In ‘Wall” a family’s horizon is literally brightened and expanded when they go from a depressing view of a bleak brick wall to the sweeping ocean vista thanks to the California Lottery. To create the illusion of the offending wall being destroyed, Zoic crafted a digital matte painting of a semi demolished cinderblock wall with rubble and debris. A backhoe and dump truck were filmed live and this footage was then composited with the matte painting to complete the life-altering transformation.

In “Big Game” we see how with his Mega Millions Lottery winnings one man re-lives a critical High School football game. The spot was filmed on location at a high school stadium and Zoic helped fill the stands by digitally cloning a group of adoring fans in Flame.

With these magical narratives, audiences are reminded that fantasies – big or small – can come true with the help of the Mega Millions Lottery.

“Wall” and “Big Game” 2 x:30

Agency: BBDO West/San Francisco
Chief Creative Officer: David Lubars
Exec. Creative Dir: Jim lesser
Assoc. Creative Dir: Neil Levy
Copywriter: Neil Levy
Art Director: Brandon Sides
Producer: Lyra Rider

Production Co.: Anonymous Content/Culver City
Director: Malcolm Venville
Exec. Prod: Dave Morrison
Head of Production: Sue Ellen Clair
Producer: John Benet
Prod. Mgr: Bob Williamson

Editorial: Lost Planet/Santa Monica
Exec. Producer: Betsy Beale
Editor: Hank Corwin
Producer: Christie Price

Visual Effects: Zoic Studios/Culver City
Executive Producer: Steve Schofield
On Set Supervisor: James McEwan
Flame: Rick Shick & John Shirley
After Effects: Saeed Faridzade & Stephen Mitchell
Producer: Leighton Greer

Music/Sound Design: Stimmung

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