Flickerlab’s Animated Line Drawings Brand Frangelico Liquor

FlickerLab, the New York-based design and animation studio, has created a pair of humorous, elegantly line-drawn, animated commercials for Frangelico, the distinctive premium hazelnut liqueur, and its distributor Osborne (Spain). Conceived by agency TBWAMadrid (Madrid, Spain), the two branding spots, the :30 ‘Comida empresa’ and the :10 ‘Con Frangelico, nunca se sabe’ will begin airing throughout Spain, on television and on the Internet, in mid-December.

The agency concept was beautiful and simple. The unique monk shaped packaging of Frangelico Liquor reflects its intriguing monastic legend and authentic 300-year old recipe. The bottle sports a cord around its middle which comes to life to write the story of a new employee who goes out to a company dinner, falls in love, and dances the night away with a beautiful women who, it turns out, is his boss.

The story is drawn with one continuous, moving line ?‚àö√ë‚àö¬® a cord that has neither a beginning nor an end. ‘To achieve the effect we were after we decided to give the spots a handcrafted flair. We planned very carefully which, of course, is one of the great reasons to work with FlickerLab,’ explained director Joel Marsden of BUS Animation (Madrid), which represents FlickerLab for commercial work in Spain and is a division of the commercial production company BUS. ‘We began with numerous pre-tests to create the handmade look that sold the agency on the execution. Once awarded the project, the spots went through a lot of layers and the hands of many talented folks. Everything was meticulously planned out, but everybody had the freedom to breathe at bit. Designers shaped the look. Flash animators created the basis of the movement. Stop motion animators embellished that look with the cord, and lastly, compositors brought it all together adding shadows and backgrounds. The FlickerLab team brings all the talent, all the facets, to the table – the designers, line animators, stop motion folks and compositors. In the end, the elegant simplicity, and the flow of the lines, makes these commercials absolutely beautiful.’

Harold Moss, Founder/Creative Director of FlickerLab, added, ‘The idea was to create something that felt like it could have been unearthed from an archive of 50 Polish stop motion animation, that had a genuine organic feel. However, the complexity of the animation required that we use a sophisticated digital pipeline combined with many days of traditional stop motion animation to achieve the look. The spot looks simple, clean and like an artifact but the complexity is such that it really required a very modern process to bring the animation to life; We pre-visualized everything, shot hi res digital still images, and used Flash animation and computer assisted stop motion. The same concept was employed to animate the tag line, ?‚àö√ë‚àö‚â§with Frangelico you never know,’s for the :10 spot.’

The FlickerLab creative team, led by Creative Director Harold Moss, included Senior Producer Melissa Johnson; Animation Director Peter Wallach; Designers Zartosht Soltani and Max Porter; 2D Animators/Storyboard Artists Phil Lockerby and Nikolay Nachev; After Effects Artist Kat Llewellyn; Producer Franklin Zitter; and Stop-Motion Animators Jeremy Bronson and Matthew Amonson.

FlickerLab utilized Adobe After Effects and Photoshop, Macromedia Flash and Dreamweaver; Panic Transmit; PowerMac G5 Computers; iMac Intel Computers; Apple Display 20′ monitors; Dell Ultrasharp 24′ wide-screen displays; Wacom Intuos 3 tablets, Wacom Cintiq tablets and Nikon D70 camera in the execution of package.

Representing the Spanish production company BUS Pro (Madrid Spain) were Director Joel Marsden and Producer Claudia Mayer.

TBWAMadrid creative team included Creative Directors Jose Antonio Bosch and Chano Coronil; Creative Team Peru Saiz and Jorge Pezzi; Account Supervisor Javier Garc??a; Account manager Claudia Pou; Production Director: Enrique Dom?©nech; and Producer M??nica Marcos.

Osborne, the distributor of Frangelico, was represented by Yago Mellado, I?±igo Aberasturi and Melisa Kindelan (titles not available).

The musical underscore and sound design were created by David Wilson of David Wilson Audio (New York, NY).

About FlickerLab
Founded in 1999 as a development, design and animation studio, today FlickerLab principals, long-term collaborators and strategic partners employ their skills, technology and industry experience on a variety of projects be they concept-to-screen development and production, or design and execution of commercials or broadcast promotions. In addition to high quality creative digital content development, FlickerLab works with clients to extend their project reach through advertising, Internet impact, online marketing, and merchandising.

International spot (Spain)
Product: Frangelico Liquor
Title: :30 ‘Comida empresa’ and the :10 ‘Con Frangelico, nunca se sabe’ Length: one :30 and one :10

Description: The unique monk shaped packaging of Frangelico Liquor reflects its intriguing monastic legend and authentic 300-year old recipe. The bottle sports a cord around its middle which comes to life to write the story of a new employee who goes out to a company dinner, falls in love, and dances the night away with a beautiful women who, it turns out, is his boss.

Production/Animation Company: FlickerLab
City/State: New York, NY
Creative Director: Harold Moss
Senior Producer: Melissa Johnson
Producer: Franklin Zitter
Animation Director: Peter Wallach
Designer: Zartosht Soltani and Max Porter
2D Animators/Storyboards: Phil Lockerby and Nikolay Nachev
After Effects: Kat Llewellyn
Stop Motion Animators: Jeremy Bronson and Matthew Amonson


Adobe After Effects, Photoshop
Macromedia Flash, Dreamweaver
Panic Transmit
PowerMac G5 Computers
iMac Intel Computers
Apple Display 20′ monitors
Dell Ultrasharp 24′ wide-screen displays
Wacom Intuos 3 tablets
Wacom Cintiq tablets
Nikon D70 Camera

Advertising Agency: TBWAMadrid
City/State: Madrid, Spain
Creatives Directors: Jose Antonio Bosch / Chano Coronil
Creative Team: Peru Saiz / Jorge Pezzi
Account supervisor: Javier Garc??a
Account manager: Claudia Pou
Production Director: Enrique Dom?©nech
Producer: M??nica Marcos

Spanish Production Company: Broadcast Union Services (BUS)-Pro
City/State: Madrid, Spain
Director: Joe Marsden
Producer: Claudia Mayer

Client: Osborne (Spain)
Yago Mellado
I?±igo Aberasturi
Melisa Kindelan
No titles available

Music/Sound Design: David Wilson Audio
City/State: New York, NY
Composer/Sound Designer: David Wilson

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