ILM Shows You How Its Done!

ILM just launched a flash based VFX website showcasing their work on the second installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean series! Its loaded with VFX articles and behind the scenes information. This is really the first site of its kind and it goes in depth into the visual effects process and behind the scenes like never before!

It includes a awesome, full scale textured 3d browser that showcases the main characters they created, Davey Jones, Clanker, Koleniko and Maccus and includes behind the scenes trivia about the creation of the characters.

“Because director Gore Verbiiski was worried that the animators couldn’t reproduce Bill Nighy’s eyes in tight close-ups, Nighy wore special makeup during filming so that the effects crew could insert his real eyes into the CG character.

But, that was never necessary. Giving Davey Jones the best CG eyes ever seen in a film was a team effort by modelers Geoff Campbell and Jung Seung Hong, look developer Damian Steel, and painter Steve Walton who paid meticulous attention to Bill Nighy’s eyes.”

The site also includes an interactive viewer that allows you to see what the footage looked like when it was shot, and what it looked like after the VFX magic was done and the scene was finished!

“As beautiful as the island of Dominica is, director Gore Verbiniski felt that the skylines were not dramatic enough. So ILM replaced the backgrounds for almost every shot on Cannibal Island”

It also has a great section on artists technique that goes in depth into the art direction and different ways the artists helped to model the outcome of the movie!

“In any visual effects film, someone has to transfer the ideas in the filmmakers’ minds into something the visual effects crew can make real. Often, that someone is an art director or concept artist.”

The site is awesome, check it out here! You can also visit the officail movie website here or see the trailers here

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