Romantic Troubadour Gears Up to Produce First Project

New indie film and television production company Romantic Troubadour Entertainment is up and running. Certainly not an ordinary company name, Romantic Troubadour founder Jerry Schram believes the human eye must see through the heart, and music is the window to the soul.

“Romantic love is often dismissed as blind, mindless, irrational, immature and transitory. But I believe the opposite is true,” Schram said. “Romance is full of visionary thoughts and feelings, often characterized by freedom of original form and spirit; it integrates the mind and body,” Schram explained. “When you add original music, you end up with one of life’s most important achievements.” In considering projects, he asks himself, “Will the story impact the way somebody understands the world or interprets the changing times we live in?”

Romantic Troubadour’s production of “Insidious,” a visionary and compelling story with a strong message, is slated to begin shooting next month in New York City.

Rounding out the principals of the company are Glenn Wenzel, an entrepreneur who was involved with the merger or acquisition of over one hundred companies while working for a major Wall Street investment bank, and James Schram, a recent university graduate, and up-and-coming actor/director/writer, in New York City.

In addition to “Insidious,” Romantic Troubadour has several other projects in different stages of development. To learn more about the company, its projects or its philosophy, visit

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