Guinness Attracts Fridge Magnets

This new Guinness commercial, featuring a truck full of magnetic Guinness, was directed by Fredrik Bond for Irish International ad agency BBDO with post production by MPC. Fridge Magnet is the first MPC project to take advantage of the MPC international network using studios in the US and UK; utilising the high bandwidth network between MPC LA and MPC London.

The ad consists of 11 major CG shots, on which the LA team started working the day after their opening, when the plates for 3D tracking and roto started to arrive. These were seamlessly integrated into the extended MPC system in LA. Prior to this, fridges had been ?‚àö√ë‚àö‚â§cast’s and prep work in terms of building models during shooting and editing had been carried out in London. Once the cut was locked, the team in LA began lighting and finalising the animation.

The main challenge was tracking the very fast whip pans and zooms, which were used to create the crowd, action feel. The networked locations allowed a consistently clear, open and transparent approval process between the Director in LA with the team and the Agency based in London.

Over 700 fridges were animated for the end shot. The initial approach was to hand animate each nuance of each fridge impacting the truck, however, during production; a dynamic solution was developed to speed this up.

This new strategy involved running dynamic simulations in RealFlow and writing custom scripts to transfer this animation to a host of different fridge models back in Maya, where all the shots were created. Photoshop was used for texturing and tracking was done with Boujou and PFTrack.

The 2D team removed wires that were suspending the real fridges. Atmospheric smoke was added and close up head replacement was done. Crowds were duplicated and the city underwent clean up. The main challenge was compositing in the 3D elements to match marks on the ground, smoke, debris and other atmospheric elements.

The master grade was added in London by Director of Telecine, Jean-Clement Soret.

?‚àö√ë‚àö‚â§Fridge Magnet,’s is the first example of MPC using their bases in LA and London to make use of their pipeline of global resources to get the job done and enabling the team to work 24/7 giving a timely, creative and convenient workflow for Clients. The spot is on air from October 9th in Ireland.

Director: Fredrik Bond
Creative Director: Mal Stevenson
Art Director: Pat Hamill
Deputy CD / Copywriter: Mark Nutley
Account Director: Tanya English
DOP: Crille Forsberg
Editor: Tim Thornton-Allen @ Marshall Street
Agency: Irish International BBDO
Agency Producer: Noel Byrne and Onagh Carolan
Production Company: Sonny London
Production Company Producer: Ran Holst

Post Production Company: MPC
Post Production Producer: Andrew Bell (LA) and Scott Griffin (London)
VFX Supervisors: Duncan McWilliam and Franck Lambertz
VFX Team LA: 2D: Aaron Kupferman, Franck Lambertz, Dan Sanders
3D: Chris Clyne, Wayne Hollingsworth, Nick Losq, Duncan McWilliam, Ian Wilson
VFX Team London: 2D: Stirling Archibald, Olivier Jezequel, Matthew Unwin
3D: Tim Civil, Lewis Guarniere, Tobias Meier, Dean Robinson
Telecine: Jean-Clement Soret

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