The Mill and SEAT play with Toys

The latest SEAT commercial just released in Europe was finished at The Mill London. Called ‘Toys’ this fun spot was directed by the ‘The Glue Society’ through @Radical Media Berlin for Spanish ad agency Atletico International Advertising S.L. based in Barcelona.

The commercial’s playful theme starts off in the playroom of a young boy where we see a cute, stuffed toy monkey sittting on the window sill slowly stirring to life. As thunder and lightning strike it seems to enliven all the toys as they all come to life to the tune of the Noah’s ark marching theme “The Animals went in two by two”.

Clever puppeteering and the amazing talents of the 3D and 2D teams at The Mill not only helped bring these toys to life one by one, they were also given unique personalities. One of the most challenging tasts was the work on the two wooden giraffes. The Mill teams successfully animated all the animals to and movie and walk just like the real things.

We see cute piglets two fluggy teddy bears, a scale-electrix set and two fast miniature electric motorbikes that whiz around the track and across the room. Robots, rabbits, a He-man doll and a lizard man were also cleverly animated and come to life to join the merry throng of animals who all head towards the new SEAT parked in the drive of the young boy.

The 3D team at The Mill did an extraordinary job on the special effects for this commercial. They built the 3D motorbikes, the He-man doll and the lizard man all in XSi. The other toys were all live action and were maneuvered with puppeteers.

Lead Flame artist at The Mill Neil Davis composited all the outstanding effects for the project and the Telecine was completed in Spirit by Senior Colourist Adam Scott.

Click here to view spot!

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