Filmworkers Club Creates a Vision of Paradise for Chiquita

Filmworkers Club used color to help tell the story of a woman and her dream of a tropical paradise in a new spot for Chiquita. Colorist Oscar Oboza set the final look for the spot out of Dallas agency Dieste, Harmel & Partners which shows a woman lounging on the beach of a tropical island. The sound of a splash causes the woman to break from her reverie?Äîshe is actually sitting beside a pool in a big city attending to her children.

Oboza helped to create a contrast between fantasy and reality in the spot by giving the opening scene an idealized look. ‘It a heightened reality,’ said Oboza. ‘The water is perfectly blue, the sky is sun-drenched?‚àö√묨‚àÇit paradise.’

The color scheme for the ‘real world’ urban environment is cooler. ‘We wanted it to look different, but not less appealing,’ Oboza observed. ‘We gave it a little bit of an edge.’

The transition from fantasy to reality is accomplished through a lighting effect. A close up shows the woman gazing up as a short burst of light occurs, as if the sun had just come out from behind a cloud. After the effect, Oboza noted, the scene is slightly darker and less saturated, subtly suggesting to viewers that something has changed.

The spot is in Spanish and will air in Hispanic markets across the United States. Last year, Filmworkers Club expanded its telecine staff in order to handle national caliber advertising projects like this. ‘Dallas agencies no longer have to take their projects to LA to get national quality post work,’ noted Filmworkers Club executive producer Rachael Turnage. ‘We have great talent and superb technology, and can offer Dallas clients the cost and time saving benefits of working locally.’

About Filmworkers Club
Filmworkers Club, Dallas, is located at 3400 Carlisle Street, Suite 105, Dallas, TX 75204. For more information, contact Executive Producer Rachael Turnage at (214) 754-9333 or visit .

Title: Beach
Length: :30
Client: Chiquita
Agency: Dieste, Harmel & Partners, Dallas. Mack Simpson and Jaime Andrade, creative directors; Juan Daniel Navas, Associate creative director; Chris Sendra, art director; Justine Marengo, producer.
Production: Nydrle, West Hollywood, Calif. Peter Nydrle, director/director of photography; Garner Kinmond, producer.
Editorial: Frames, Dallas. Brent Herrington, editor.
Telecine: Filmworkers Club, Dallas. Oscar Oboza, colorist.
Audio post: Frames, Dallas. Matt Cimino, mixer.
Online: Frames, Dallas. Scott Balkcom, online editor; Sooozy Martin, executive post

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