Gunshop Pulls The Trigger on Microsoft

The creative team at ad agency McCann Worldgroup called on the talents of SF-based Gunshop to help launch Microsoft Corp new operating system, Windows Vista. Gunshop created a brand video for marketing the highly-anticipated Windows Vista to Microsoft partners nationwide. Gunshop design elements were also implemented into the ‘Wow’s Starts Now’ international online consumer campaign.

McCann Erickson/Salt Lake City first approached Gunshop to create the brand video. ‘We were called into a live-action shoot in Salt Lake to make sure everything needed in the final edit was shot, and to help shape the production,’ explains Stacy Nimmo of Gunshop. In preparation for the shoot, Gunshop created several sets of storyboards implementing an overall design vision within the basic framework established by the McCann Erickson creative team. This was the first time the new Windows Vista start button would be unveiled to the public.

‘We pitched some pretty intricate 3D solutions to show the sophistication of the product. At the core of all our ideas was the start button representing the new Vista brand, and how people interact with that,’ explains Nimmo. ‘In the end, the design approach was an elegant effect that could easily be broken down and moved throughout our editorial process. The modular structure also allowed Microsoft to re-edit sections of the to suit their needs.’

“Gunshop’s ideas and work ethic make them invaluable to the creative process,’ comments Reid Thorpe, Creative Director/Writer for McCann Erickson/Salt Lake City. ‘And the execution is so good, it often beats what we imagine. They are an automatic contender for every motion graphics piece.”

According to Nimmo, the biggest challenge in the project was associating the logo with the choreography of the onscreen talent. ‘We presented the concept of super macro details of the logo, in a highly reflective and sensuous light. The details and texturing not only underscore the refined engineering of the software, but also bring to it the sensuousness of a beautiful electronic product. To cement the relationship between the brand and the user, we shot an actor making contact with what would be the icon, setting in motion the chain reaction of circles and transitions.’

The response from the client was so positive, the Gunshop concept continued across other campaigns, including the Certified for Windows Vista logo campaign created by the McCann Erickson/Salt Lake City team, as well as helping support the ”sWow’s Starts Now’ online consumer campaign via McCann Erickson/San Francisco.

Based on the concept of super close-ups of desktop icons, Gunshop created a series of 22 icons using 3D Studio Max to create ‘hyper realistic’ icons with dramatic camera flyovers. Released internationally, the campaign exemplifies the Web 2.0 approach wherein online ads are no longer limited to a still frame, or simple type animation. Additionally, with the need to reach new markets up against ever more fierce competition, the bar is constantly being raised for higher production values.

‘Gunshop took our 2D icons and turned them into believable, three-dimensional objects,’ says Eujin Hong, ACD/Writer of McCann Worldgroup/SF. ‘Their experience and expertise really came into play whenever we had more abstract icons to model, they were really able to inject our less compelling icons with a big dose of personality.’

‘We were very impressed with Gunshop’s ability to take an often two-dimensional icon and create a lush three-dimensional object that was beyond our expectations,’ concludes Jeff Musser, SVP Creative Director, McCann Worldgroup/SF. ‘The lighting was beautiful and camera movements so smooth and natural that we believed in the icons as real objects.’

Ad Agency: McCann/Salt Lake City (for the Vista brand video)
Group Creative Director: Josh Jenkins
Creative Director/Writer: Reid Thorpe
Creative Director/Writer: Jeff Paris
ACD/Art Director: Jon Guest
Project Manager: Rachel Kahler

Ad Agency: McCann Worldgroup/San Francisco (for the ‘Wow’ Campaign)
Creative Director: Jeff Musser
ACD/Writer: Eujin Hong
Programmer: Jonathan Rose
Program Director: Kei Koyama
Editor: John Buscaglia

Gunshop/San Francisco: (for the Vista brand video)
Director: Stacy Nimmo
Producer: Diana Horowitz
Designers: Stacy Nimmo, Chico Jilsofan
2D Animators: Jayson Whitmore, Brian Hayes, Randal Rego
Editor: David Becker
3D Animator: Joost Kornegold
Director of Photographer: Michael Schoenfeld (freelance)

Gunshop/San Francisco: (for the ‘Wow’ campaign)
Creative Director/Designer: Stacy Nimmo
Producer: Brad Lublin
3D Lead Animator: Fred Lewis
3D Animators: Raul Dominguez, Luis Lundgren, Manuel Marquez

About Gunshop

Gunshop is a boutique design-based production company dedicated to creating branding with motion graphics, live action, 3D and character animation for broadcast, agency and corporate clients. Desktop technology drawn to creative focus through years of experience allows our small shop to work with big clients including: Adidas, Blue Shield, Comcast, Footlocker, Gap Inc., HBO, Jet Blue, Microsoft, Mattel, MTV, Nabisco, Nike, Pitney Bowes, PBS, Pioneer, Saturn, Sci-Fi Channel, Smith Barney, Toyota, USA Network, VH1, Wienerschnitzel and Womans Funding Network.

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