Nola Pictures Collaborate on U2 Grammy Performance

Juan Delcan from Nola Pictures recently teamed up with Rabbit director Catherine Owens to create the screen visuals for U2’s brilliant opening performance at the 2009 Grammy Awards broadcast.

Artists, designers and animators from creative house Loyalkaspar were enlisted to collaborate on the project which was edited by Union Editorial.

Catherine Owens is a long time art director for the band’s live shows and was co-director of the 2008 U23D movie.


Director: Catherine Owens
Exec Producer: Betsy Blakemore

CD/Designer: Juan Delcan
Exec Producer: Charlie Curran

Creative Directors: Beat Baudenbacher, Elliott Chaffer
Project Producer: Melissa August
Assoc Prod: Scott Lasko
3D Artists: Kyle Anderson, Adam Pearlman, Chris Foster
2D Artists: Ann Kruetzcamp, Chris Thompson, Dennis Cheung, Alexandra Stefanova
2D Animator: Sebastien Larreur Designers Daniel Dornemann, Emily Gobielle, Chris Thompson
Tech Support: Steve Renn

Union Editorial
Editor: Adam Jenkins
Exec Producer: Caryn MacLean

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