Syndrome Flies For Dyrdek’s MTV Fantasy Factory

LA-based directing collective and design/animation group Syndrome just rolled out the show open for Rob Dyrdek’s new MTV show Fantasy Factory. The graphically explosive sequence shows renowned street skater Rob Dyrdek bouncing rapidly through a colorful fantasyland of pipes, ramps, and funnels leading from city streets to twisting pipeworks to the mouth of a lion, among other incredible scenes. Dyrdek’s mascot, Meaty – a mainstay from his original show, Rob and Big – of course accompany him on this rapid-fire montage, joined by new puppy and sidekick Beefy.

To capture this dynamic graphical world, Syndrome shot Dyrdek against a greenscreen and transposed him over the boarded-out scenes. The idea was to create a video that symbolized the free-flowing thoughts in Rob’s head as they materialized in a stylized fashion, capturing his vivid imagination.

“We had a blast with this one!” noted Syndrome’s Executive Producer Monica Blackburn. “Rob and his crew were great to work with. We were really excited to have this opportunity to showcase Syndrome’s ever-evolving capabilities with such a creatively intense crew on a high-profile new show.”

Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory, which launched on MTV on Feb. 8, revolves around a fantasy warehouse in Los Angeles loaded with an incredible skate park, a giant skate ramp launching into a foam pit, a basketball court, Dyrdek’s office loaded with his massive collection of skate decks, and “Corpo,” a corporate office on the second floor that houses his lawyer, toy designer, and executives, among others. Dyrdek will include a whole cast of characters, including an SUV named Stormtrooper, a three-wheeled car named T-Rex that can outrace a Ferrari, and, of course, his dogs Meaty and Beefy.

“Syndrome killed the open,” said Rob Dyrdek. “I wanted something that captured the insanity of what we’re doing with this show and they nailed it. From the live action skating, to the funky graphics – it really sets up the kind of Willy-Wonka fun that we have on the show.”

The Creds:

Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory: Main Title and Show Package Design

Air Date: February 2009
Network: MTV

Concept/Design/VFX: Syndrome

About Robot Films:
Robot Films is a Los Angeles-based creative lab producing music videos, feature and short film, web content, TV and commercials. Lead by veteran Founder/Director Chris Robinson and Executive Producer Amanda Fox, Robot offers a wide range of services, boundless energy, and vast experience . In addition, Robot houses directing collective and design/animation group, Syndrome who are prolific directors and often collaborate on Robot directed jobs. Syndrome is a multi-disciplined trio comprised of Directors/Designers Micah Hancock, James Larese, and Mars Sandoval. Syndrome’s primary focus is merging science with soul, and manipulating technology for the sake of creative growth and artistic expression.


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