jumP & Disney Help Us Celebrate

Partner/Editor Michael Saia of NY-based jumP cuts this magical Disney World campaign helmed by Jim Gartner via mcgarrybowen.

In Anthem we see balloons emblazoned with Mickey Mouse’s face take on a life of their own as they comically trail blissful moments. The balloons carry an invitation, from Mickey himself and Disney to celebrate attendees’ birthdays at the place where dreams come true.

Accomplishment once again features the bulbous Mickey balloons as the spots moves from shining moments-a boy’s first touchdown-to great achievements-a kindergarten class’s graduation.

Classroom takes us back to the days of dreadful boredom in grade school as a young boy slouches over his textbook. While mindlessly flipping the pages he discovers an envelope stamped with a birthday message for him. As he slowly lifts the flap, the boy releases an explosion of fireworks and balloons beckoning an appropriate birthday celebration.

About jumP:
jumP is an award-winning, New York-based creative editorial boutique focusing on commercials, features, short films, music videos, and emerging media content. The firm works with a wide-range of top-tier brands, directors, and agencies continually delivering powerful and efficient results for each of its clients. The company roster includes Partner/Editors: Luis Moreno and Michael Saia, Editors: Lin Polito, William Zitser and David Bryen, Partner/Managing Director: Dee Tagert and Executive Producer Elizabeth Krajewski.

Client: Disney
Spot Title: Anthem:30/:60, Classroom :30, Accomplishments :30
Air Date: November 2008

Agency: mcgarrybowen
ECD(s): Ned Cowley, Jon Moore
ED of TV Production: Roseanne Horn
EP(s): Chris Arruda, Skip Alloco

Prod Company: Gartner
Director: James Gartner
Producer: Roger Petrusson

Editorial: jumP/NY
Editor: Michael Saia
Asst. Editor: William Zitser, Roberto Serrini
EP: Elizabeth Krajewski

Telecine: Nice Shoes
Colorist: Chris Ryan

Audio Post: Manic
Mix: Stephane Guyot

Post/Effects: The Orphanage-San Francisco
Producer: Lawson Owen

Music: Mathew Gerrard

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