Island of Lost Souls

Filmgate are pleased to announce the completion of “De fortabte sj?¬¨‚àÇles ??” aka “Island of Lost Souls”. Filmgate were offered the opportunity by Ghost A/S to work, as sub-contractors, on this exciting new Zentropa production which was not only directed by one of Denmarks most promising film Directors Nikolaj Arcel but is, to date, the largest ever visual effects movie made in Scandinavia.

Our work involved compositing, roto, matte paintings, set extensions and various small 3D work. Filmgate worked on most of the souls, the island, the “Spirit Council”, most of the “Tractor Chase” sequence and various shots on an open field which was shot on a greenscreen in Trollh?¬¨√üttan, Sweden. It was certainly hard work but we are all very pleased with the results.

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Filmgate would like to thank all the artists involved as well as those who of course assisted in making our first major film project such a success:

All the staff at Ghost A/S
Nikolaj Arcel
Rasmus Videb?¶k
Malte Forsell

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For more information, please contact Sean Wheelan, Managing Director at Filmgate.

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