Mill Animation Trio Create Short film ‘Raymond’

Before the partnership began this trio of animators had already independently produced award winning graduate films and whie working at the Mill the guys have begun working together as a directing collective under their chosen name of Bif. ‘Raymond’ is a wonderfully funny animated short film that shows off their unique directing style and proves they have a great future ahead of them.

Director of 3D production Stephen Venning said: “having recruited such incredible talent it was only a matter of time before they started to talk to us about perhap[s creatings a short animated film, in an attempt to expand the creative ability of the 3d team as a whole. It has been our intention for a while now to help nurture and foster talented animators such as these guys and help facilitate them with these types of self motivated projects.

Therefore given the strong idea for the story the guys had come up with we made it an absolute must to accomodate the production of the film within our normal working structure. Personally the guys have completely exceeded mine and everyone’s expectations – we love it! It has confirmed our intention to roll out this oppurtunity to other members of our team, with our goal being to open everyone’s eyes to the huge creative ability of the Mill.

In the quest to nurture, develop and attract the world best talent, The Mill have given three of their very talented French animators the ‘creative space’ to produce their own short film. Calling themselves ‘Bif’ Jules, Fabrice and Francois joined the Mill in 2005 having graduated top of their class from world renowned French animation school Supinfocom.

Raymond is the story of a lowly swimming instructor from Douche Les Mines and his quest, with the help of some fantasy science to achieve his dream ?Äì to swim with the whales. The film was created as a combination of live action and 3D animation. The main area created in 3D was that of Raymond laboratory re-programming, and it is here where Bif were able to display their very unique style of character animation. Raymond is put through his paces, he a table top footballer, he runs like no man before him and he dances like a Jackson. The other area that the Mill believes their Bif team have truly excelled is the look of the film. It a combination of very cool stylization and photorealism, giving the final film a very sophisticated look.

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