The Mill Goes Behind the Scenes for new Diet Coke Ad

The Mill London has just finished working with Production Company Stink/Smuggler LA on the new Diet Coke commercial for Weiden Kennedy New York.

Making its small screen debut during the Oscar night, this spot begins with a frustrated film director on set waiting for his leading lady. The temperamental actress is demanding her favourite soft drink ‘Diet Coke’ before coming on set. It’s left up to the poor assistant AD to hunt down a Diet Coke.

The assistant jumps into a set buggy and speeds off leaving a trail of destruction in his path. We see him hurtling through a Wild West set, surrounded by horses and cowboys shooting at each other. Turning a corner he drives straight past a car exploding, making the Director very angry!

He finally finds a cool box with the infamous soft drink buried in ice and looks up to find four Zombies staring at him before being called back on set.

Rushing back to the actress’s trailer he tentatively walks into the trailer with the can of Diet Coke, in a glass, with ice and a bendy straw. He comes out of dazed and confused with a big lipstick marks on his cheek – lucky boy..

The Mills senior Flame artist Barnsley worked closely with Director Ivan Zacharias to enhance the explosions in the car scene. Two passes were shot for this scene. The buggy was shot seperately and then hte explosion and buggy were composited together. Reflections were added to the buggy and Mill Senior Colourist Seamus O’sKane gave the spot a filmic grainy grade in Spirit.

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