FilmCore & The Quarry Help to Assemble a GMC Acadia

FilmCore, recently teamed with London The Quarry to provide creative editorial services for a spot launching the 2007 Acadia, GMC new crossover vehicle. The Quarry Paul Watts cut the spot via FilmCore New York studio.

Conceived by Lowe Worldwide, the 60-second spot Inspiration presents a series of vignettes in which objects are pulled out of their ordinary environments by some magical force. Feathers fly out the window of a high rise apartment, colorful fabrics slither out of a garment factory, diamonds burst out of a jewelry store window. These items converge on a parking lot and assemble themselves into a new Acadia. The spot employs the tagline ‘inspiration drawn from your life.’

Virtually every scene in the commercial involves visual effects; many shots are composites of dozens of elements. In editing the spot, Watts had to assemble the elements with great care to ensure it all worked flawlessly both from a creative and a technical point of view. ‘We needed something to respond emotionally to,’ he said. ‘That informed our basic decision making regarding the order of vignettes, the tone of the piece, the music and the pace. Secondly, it was our role to supply a comprehensive roadmap to the post production company, and we didn’st want to give them an impossible task.’

‘The visual effects also play an important roll in finding the right rhythm,’ Watts added. ‘You don’st want to end up with a cold technical exercise, rather the visual effects should slip under the radar and fit seamlessly into the piece.’

FilmCore and The Quarry forged an alliance last year to share resources and collaborate on advertising projects. Since then, editors from The Quarry have used FilmCore facilities to edit spots for New York agencies on several occasions. ‘I’m very proud of this work,’ said FilmCore, New York, Executive Producer Andrew Linsk, ‘and I look forward to many more interesting and creative collaborations with our London-based partners.’

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Client: GMC (Acadia)
Title: Inspiration
Length: 60-seconds.
Agency: Lowe Worldwide, New York.
Production: Identity, New York. Anthony Atanasio, director.
Editorial: ilmCore, New York. Andrew Linsk, executive producer; Julie Johnston, producer; Ricardo Lopez, assistant editor.

The Quarry, London. Paul Watts, editor.

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