Zona Creates Image Spot and Program Package for The History Channel – New Series Ancient Discoveries

To promote a revolutionary new series, Ancient Discoveries, which takes us back in time to explore the ancient roots of technologies, The History Channel® has returned to the image makers at ZONA Design, Inc. For the series, which premiered January 23, 2007, ZONA created an image spot, program logo (for both print and on-air), a program package, and animated, composited and edited the image spot.

Ancient Discoveries changes the way we think about the distant past. While we entertain visions of a simpler, unsophisticated time, the truth is much more complicated and fascinating than we imagine. This fresh, eye-opening series – filmed on location where historical events actually happened and using brilliant, lifelike computer animation – applies the latest scholarship to reconsider common beliefs about the past.

Reconstructions of ancient machines and hands-on demonstrations bring ancient times to life. Today, we live in a world unimaginable to even our great-grandparents. It is an age of hi-tech, jet aircraft, supercomputers, and intelligent machines. Since the Industrial Revolution our world has progressed at a lightening pace, leaving all previous civilizations far behind. Or has it?

Zoa Martinez, Creative Director/Designer of ZONA Design, the full service design agency, explained the company approach to the project. ‘We were striving for simple and direct. The script was awesome, and we developed typography that supported it and, in its simplicity, told the story better than if we had utilized footage. In this instance, as in any really good campaign, the visual concept and the copy work perfectly together. We employed some of the basic The History Channel colors, incorporated simple circles and squares, and elements like the wheel and fire, even stickies, because, once again, it is a square.’

“If Joan of Arc had been raised by Andy Warhol and Robert Rauschenberg, she would be Zoa Martinez. I love working with her.” stated The History Channel Producer Douglas Stone.’

The ZONA Design team, led by Creative Director/Designer Zoa Martinez, included Executive Producer Dennis Fluet, Designer Agnes Nowakowska, Animator Andre Sam, and Animator/Editor Supara Sophonwasu.

ZONA utilized Adobe After Effects, Illustrator and Photoshop and Apple Final Cut Pro in the execution of this project.

Representing The History Channel were Creative Director Timothy Nolan and Producer Douglas Stone.

Mixer Damon Trotta of Sound Hound (New York, NY) engineered the final audio mix.

About ZONA Design:
ZONA Design, founded in 1999, is an award winning multi-disciplined design agency creating results driven work that is bold and direct for all points of contact with the consumer in the general, Hispanic, and youth markets. The company portfolio includes high profile projects for Disney/ESPN Networks, AOL Time Warner Networks, 5Boro Skateboards, Discovery Communications, Encore Media Group, Rainbow Media Holdings, Chrysler, Dodge, and the various A&E Television Networks.


Design/Production Company: ZONA Design
Creative Director/Designer: Zoa Martinez
Executive Producer: Dennis Fluet
Designer: Agnes Nowakowska
Animator: Andre Sam
Animator/Editor: Supara Sophonwasu.

Adobe After Effects, Illustrator and Photoshop and Apple Final Cut Pro

Client: The History Channel
Creative Director: Timothy Nolan
Producer: Doug Stone
Audio Mix: Sound Hound
Mixer: Damon Trotta

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