The Mill Pack a Punch with Dodge

The Mill have just finished the all new Dodge Ram 1500 commercial for the US market. Directed by Alex Rutterford (RSA)and produced by Cindy Burnay (RSA) for Agency BBDO Detroit.

The commercial starts with the two classic Rock’em and Sock’em robots fighting in their well known boxing ring. One beats the other and stamps out of the ring, smashing through the outside door taking part of the wall with him!!

Outside, the camera pans round to show a couple running away. Parked on the ‘sidewalk’ the stunning Dodge Ram 1500 sits waiting. The Rock’em Robot stomps over hitting the Dodge Ram face on with full force but the Dodge Ram is far too strong and the robot loses the battle.

The Rock ?√Ñ√≤em & Sock ?√Ñ√≤em robot toys Рoriginally made by Mattel were recreated in 3d using both Maya and XSI. Russel Tickner lead 3d artist and James Sindle both attended the shoot to advise on tracking, camera moves and lighting scenes. Director Alex Rutterford worked extremely closely with the team throughout the project to create this hi tech ad.

The Mill 2d team did a wonderful job compositing the shots on shake and flame, and with the extra challenge of a quick turnaround, it was important the teams worked closely together. To realise this all the artits combined their skills and software into one suite.

Both the Mill 2d & 3d teams have created a memorable commercial for American TV audiences, who will be looking forward to the next two ads in the series.

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