The Host – The Orphanage Led 100+ Shot VFX Film

The Orphanage completed the six-month post-production schedule on The Host, South Korea largest budget and most ambitious film to date for one of Korea premier film production companies, Chungeorahm Films.

To date, approximately 25% of the population of Korea has seen the film. The over 100 shot VFX creature film is helmed by internationally acclaimed director Joon-ho Bong (Memories of Murder) and stars two of Korea top marquee names Song Kang-ho and Park Hae-il. As the principal VFX house, The Orphanage team led by veteran VFX Supervisor Kevin Rafferty, Executive Producer Marc Sadeghi, CG Supervisor Shadi Almassizadeh and VFX Producer Arin Finger supervised location shooting in Seoul.

The Host tells the story of a toxic monster that emerges from the depths of the Han River to terrorize the citizens of Seoul. Orphanage VP, Sadeghi remarks ‘It is a great honor to work on such an important project for the Korean film industry and we’sre delighted with its worldwide acclaim.’

VFX Supervisor Kevin Rafferty, who joined The Orphanage after more than 20 years at other major VFX and animation companies including DreamWorks where he was the lead CGI supervisor on the CG animated hit Shark Tale and ILM where he supervised several Oscar nominated films including Star Wars: Episode One, The Lost World: Jurassic Park and Dragonheart. Rafferty, who spent extensive time on set in Korea, says ‘When I heard that ?‚àö√ë‚àö‚â§The Host’s would premiere at Cannes, I was absolutely ecstatic. The worldwide critical praise is also extremely gratifying. I am so proud, honored, and excited to have been involved with this incredible project!’

In addition to extensive CG modeling and creature work, digital doubles, wind, fire, smoke and rain, The Orphanage oversaw the creation of a practical puppet fabricated in Australia at the Oscar winning John Cox Creature Workshop (Babe).

About The Orphanage
Founded in 1999, The Orphanage state-of-the-art VFX post facility in San Francisco picturesque Presidio Park continues its steady growth from boutique shop to a facility capable of handling studio tentpoles; including the recent: Superman Returns (Warner Bros.), Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man Chest (Disney), Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Warner Bros.), Sin City (Dimension) The Day After Tomorrow (Fox), Hellboy (Revolution Studios) and Hero (Miramax). The company commercial division is experiencing a banner year with spots for Comcast, Ruby Tuesday, Toshiba, Dolby and tens of others in the works. A pioneer in filmmaking technology development, The Orphanage award-winning Magic Bullet software is bundled with numerous popular filmmaking products from Adobe, Sony & Panasonic.

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