The Mill Help Launch The New PS3

The wait is over. Playstation 3 hit the shelves last week and fittingly, this multimedia push from TBWA/ London that The Mill worked on for over four months, resembles the build-up to a springtime Hollywood blockbuster.

This branded TV trailer voyeuristically lures viewers into different rooms of a hotel, where an eccentric cast wrestle with their own existential foibles. They include Bruce Leghorn, the disgraced quiz-show host, who yearns for a return to his glory days: lieutenant Kova, the orphaned mercenary; cherry the ambitious google-eyed blond; and Hot Dog and Lucia, the exotic, passionate criminal-couple.


All characters are linked in their quest to define the very essence of the campaign idea: “this is living”. Viewers are encouraged to familiarise themselves further with the hotel through a link to the website,


The advertising reached its climax with a series of character sketches and an additional trailer. This will be followed by a TV and cinema campaign, breaking in May, and later, the full six-minute film, available on DVD covermounts on a number of independent film titles.

The pan-European campaign is a move away from PlayStation former TV-centric strategy and incorporates more than 40 different pieces of content.

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